Marco de Wit 27 helmikuun, 2019


On Sunday 24.2.2019 at the invitation of the Swedish Populist party, the chairman of the Finnish Nation First -party (FNF), Marco de Wit spoke at the Yellow Vest-demonstration in Stockholm.


Antifa did not like that  at all.


Antifa uses a lot of time to oppose both the Populist Party and the FNF.


This despite the fact that both parties are unique in the sense that they thoroughly oppose fractional reserve banking, i.e. the monopolistic money machines of the globalist bankers.


Both parties emphasize that we cannot defeat the globalists unless we take away their monopolistic money machines.


You can kill the globalist beast only by striking at its heart.


The Stockholm Yellow vest demonstration was about bringing together the opponents of the globalist bankers.


But for some reason the Swedish Antifa wants to defend globalist bankers.




Watch and listen only the speech. Better audio.