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Google is so leftist and censors so much of its search results that it is often called Goolag.


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The idea is to refer to the gulag, Soviet forced labor camp-system for dissidents.


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The nickname Goolag was made famous by James Damore who was fired from Google because of his politically incorrect opinions.


Link to Damore interview on David Packman show



Soon the goolag-meme went viral.


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Google has not backed down. On the contrary. Now Google’s political correctness has gone into hyperdrive.


If you search goolag, Google will show you the results for the word gulag!



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If you read carefully the smaller print you will notice that Google offers you a second possibility to search for goolag.


In this way Google does not totally censore the goolag-word. It just makes it more difficult to search and find.


You really have know what you are looking for.


And you have to insist that Google shows you the correct search results!




The same happens if you search images.


Google shows only pictures related to gulag.



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Only if you search for goolag google meme will you immediately find pictures related to goolag.



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