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All complicated events should be studied with a timeline. This is a work in progress. More photos and links coming soon. Please contribute by sending additional info and links to [email protected]


Thank you for all of you who have sent photos, links and other info on Epstein!


Note on intelligence agencies:

In this timeline ethnic backgrounds are noted because they can be important especially in relation to intelligence agencies. Naturally ethnicity alone does not prove anything but it can be an important factor and therefore is relevant information.

A=American (CIA), B=British (MI6), J=Jewish (Mossad), S=Saudi intelligence.

Note that all these intelligence agencies are allied in the Anglo-Saudi-Zionist network. They often trade information with each other. However, they still all operate independently and sometimes are even at cross-hairs.

Mossad is the most ruthless because it is less afraid of the mainstream media and social media which are largely dominated by Jewish Zionist media moguls, journalists and personalities.




Jeffrey Epstein born January 20, 1953 in Brooklyn

First child of Seymour G. Epstein(J), a groundskeeper for the New York City Department of Parks,


and his wife Pauline(J), a school aide



uncle-in-law (aunt’s husband) Marvin (”Morty”) M Jarmofsky later also lived in Palm Beach, Florida as many other relatives of Epstein. Did the relatives try to stop the police investigation into Epstein’s sex trafficking?


Epstein’s father and mother on the right. Morty in the middle. Link to



interestingly, no one seems to have researched Epstein’s family relations even if has a lot of information


only lately has the mainstream media noticed Epstein’s younger brother, Mark Epstein who seems to have been closely involved with his big brother’s affairs


Click the picture






1966-69 Lafayette High School on Coney Island


working class school


very talented student, skips two grades



1967 Interlochen Arts summer camp


international student camp for the most talented young artists



Link to Interlochen Center for Arts




1969-71 Cooper Union


one of the most selective and best colleges in the world


also unique in offering full-tuitition scholarship education for all its students


perfect school for Epstein who had poor parents


however, for some reason Epstein was not happy at the school



Link to Cooper Union




1971-74 transfered to New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences


mysteriously transfers from Cooper to NYU.


one of the most selective and best mathematics schools in the world


however, drops out for unspecified reason


Why did Epstein try to hide that he had studied at NYU?



Link to Courant Institute







1974 becomes a teacher in the elite Dalton school without any qualifications by lying that he is a Stanford graduate


was probably hired by Donald Barr(J) who served in OSS and probably at CIA


later his son William Barr(J) would become the Attorney General and supervise the investigation of Epstein


as a teacher Epstein often behaves in an outrageous manner for two years but still he is tolerated


Link to



1976 Epstein kicked out from the school for vague reasons


the math and science faculty seem to have pressured the head master Peter Branch to fire Epstein because his ”teaching skills had not improved”. Possibly they did not refer to his skills as mathematics teacher. Was Epstein getting too personal with the students?


Link to






1976 Bear Stearns bank


known as the ”Jewish bank


Epstein invited to join by the bosses Alan Greenberg(J) and James Cayne(J)


Greenberg’s daughter attended Dalton school



Link to Tablet



Epstein worked for Michael Tennenbaum, a senior executive, selling the firm’s analyses of stock options to clients. Soon, Mr. Tennenbaum learned that Mr. Epstein had padded his resumé, falsely claiming to have graduated from Stanford University.

Mr. Epstein confessed, telling Mr. Tennenbaum he had embellished his background to get a teaching job, according to the book. “I wanted to tell you the truth,” he told Mr. Tennenbaum, who gave him a second chance. (WSJ)



1980 July ”the financial strategist Jeffrey Epstein” became Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the Month



Link to The Daily Beast story



1980 Epstein became a limited partner at Bear Stearns


 only in 4 years!



1981 left for reasons that are unclear


was guilty of some unethical trades


however, stayed friends with Cayne and remained a client of Bear Stearns






1981 starts his own consulting company International Assets Group (IAG)


offers wealth management services to millionaires in U.S. and overseas


also claims to be a high-level bounty hunter, i.e. assists clients either to recover stolen money from fraudulent brokers, lawyers and governments or vice versa, i.e. hide their stolen money





Robert Maxwell(J) the Brisish-Jewish media mogul and MP gives Epstein start-money


Link to the Daily Beast



Robert Maxwell, originally Jan Hoch, was born in 1923 into a Jewish family in Czechoslovakia


during the Second World War he changed his name, joined the British army and worked in intelligence


seems to have utilised his (Jewish and Czech) connections behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Empire to trade especially in arms


was also connected to the richest family of Finland, the Zabludowich (J) family who sold Finnish Tampella mortars


in the 40s helps to illegally ship both Czech and Finnish arms to Israel during its War of Independence/Occupation


in the 60s probably involved in Israel’s top secret project to develop the nuclear bomb. This not only involved the assassination of John F. Kennedy(A) but also a lot of illegal stealing of information and materials


in the 80s helps to kidnap Vanunu(J), who blew the whistle on secret Israeli nuclear weapon program


in the 80s starts stealing from his companies pension funds and uses the money to manipulate the markets with the Club





the rise of Andropov(J) and his protege Gorbachev gave again much power to Jews in Russia so Maxwell helps the Jewish oligarchs take power and destroy the biggest enemy of Israel, the Soviet Union from inside


in this task he was helped by the ”boss of Russian mob bosses” Semion Mogilevich(J)


probably Maxwell’s protege Epstein was also involved wheeler dealing with the Russian Jewish mob that operated also in America and Europe


probably Epstein got also his first taste of Eastern European girls who were not only sex slaves but literally slaves. (At this time Epstein was not yet abusing American girls because they are much more risky than mob-connected girls)



Link to Wikipedia




Maxwell was also helped by his protege Bill Browder(J) whose family – including grandfather, who had been the chairman of the Communist Party of USA – had many (mainly Jewish) connections to the Soviet Union


in the 90s Browder runs the Russian desk at the notorious Solomon Brothers(J) and helps Anatoly Chubais(J) ”privatise” the Russian economy straight into the pockets of oligarchs, virtually all of whom were Jewish businessmen with Israeli passports


some money flowed also to Browder’s company Hermitage Capital Management that he run with Edmund Safra(J) and Israeli investor Beny Steinmetz(J), both being extremely notorious wheeler-dealers. At one point Hermitage was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia


Link to Suspicious Deaths Blog



After Putin tried to restore some sembalance of order Browder was charged with tax fraud. In retaliation Browder together with his oligarch friends helped create the Magnitsky Act and encourage russophobia in the (largely Jewish) mainstream media


Considering that both Epstein and Browder were Maxwell’s proteges one would expect that Epstein was somehow also involved with their operations. This would help explain why he tried to keep a very low profile in the 80s





Epstein’s clients also include ”the richest man in the world”, Adnan Khashoggi (part-J, part-S), whose Jewish and Arab mixed background made him perfect to serve the interests of the de facto allied Zionists and Saudis


Khashoggi was mixed up with Iran-Contra and drug smuggling together with Bill Clinton who run the mob state Arkansas where much of the drugs were distributed to America


Link to Amazon




1987 Epstein obtains Austrian passport with a fake name, possibly from Ronald Lauder(J) who was the American ambassador to Austria


passport lists Epstein as a resident of Saudi Arabia!


Epstein is constantly on the move

In the aughts, when Epstein logged some 600 hours of flight time per year, New York magazine reported that he flew so much because he was scouting “investment opportunities.” (Wired)


was Epstein helping Robert Maxwell and Adnan Khashoggi in their deals with the Soviets, Saudis, Israelis (Mossad) and Americans (CIA)? If so, then he would have been a very important agent who helped bring down the Soviet Union! No wonder then that Lex Wexner and many other billionaires soon gave him carte blanche / blank check especially after he joined with Robert Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislaine






1987 helped Steven Hoffenberg(J) ran a Ponzi scheme with Tower Financial


Hoffenberg later claimed Epstein was the brains of the Ponzi operation


Hoffenberg and Epstein were also corporate raiders who tried to take over airlines including freight airlines which would have been most helpful in their intelligence operations


1987 unsuccessful bid to take over Pan American World Airways


1988 unsuccessful bid to take over Emery Air Freight Corp.






1987 Les Wexner(J) becomes IAG client


Wexner owns the multi-billion dollars Limited Brands Inc. (L-Brands) clothes retail business


Wexner’s close friend is ”the boss of Canadian Jews”, Edgar Bronfman(J) whose family run the Jewish Canadian mob


Wexner is also very much connected to both the Cosa and Kosher Nostra through the New York carpet district. After all, the clothes industry had traditionally been dominated by the Jewish financiers, Jewish unions and the mob which kept the socialist unions in line with the blessing of the police and politicians


the mob especially controlled trucking. No wonder then that Wexner’s company trucking was controlled by the Genovese crime family, the home of Lucky Luciano who made the famous alliance with the Jewish godfather of organized crime, Mayer Lansky(J)


soon Wexner’s company becomes so big that his transport needs are not limited to trucking


transports clothes from Hong Kong and other places to Rickenbacker Airport, civil-military public and cargo airport in Columbus


civil-military airport would have made it easy for Wexner to help smuggle guns, drugs and children in and out of the country with the help of CIA and Mossad


in 1995 Wexner even helped the Iran-Contra connected Southern Air Transport airline (SAT) to move from Miami to Columbus Rickenbacker Airport



Link to Free Press



SAT was also known as the Spook Air that flew anything to anywhere, including such criminal hot spots as Colombia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo.


SAT was made famous by Barry Seals and later by Tom Cruise’s movie American Made. 1998 CIA admitted that SAT had been involved in drug running. It then went bankrupt but in effect continued with virtually the same name Southern Air.


Later Epstein’s airplanes would have similar shady connections especially to Bosnia. This would led to speculations of child trafficking


was Epstein involved in drug and sex trafficking starting in the 80s and continuing well into 2000s?


Link to Political Bull Pen






1987 Wexner started creating a new town in New Albany near Columbus, Ohio


Epstein invested in the project and became a general partner in the real-estate holding company, called New Albany Property


Epstein was the key person who organised everything from paper work to finance. Without him the town would not have been possible.


Later Facebook, Amazon and Google would move into the town and build their data centers


Did intelligence agencies, i.e. CIA and Mossad help Epstein in creating the town? Is it now actually run by intelligence operatives?



Click the picture







1988 having made his name among billionaires and intelligence agencies Epstein creates financial consulting company J. Epstein & Co.


claimed to manage the assets of billionaires


only large client was Les Wexner who practically gave Epstein total power to manage his financial affairs


In 1991, Mr. Wexner granted Mr. Epstein authority to borrow money, pay expenses, sign contracts and handle other financial dealings on his behalf, according to power-of-attorney documents filed in Franklin County, Ohio. “He had absolute control” of Mr. Wexner’s wealth, one person said. (WSJ)


Epstein also runs Wexner foundation that operates leadership programs for American and Israeli Jews





1980s Epstein gradually gains more and more access to Wexner’s Victoria’s secret models


they create more trust than East European girls so now it is easier to expand the blackmail operation to politicians and scientists


Link to Mind Unleashed article





Epstein now has access to a lot of money and models. However, blackmail operations would be easier with a high-tech wired house.


1989 Leslie Wexner buys a seven story mansion on East 71st Street, Manhattan for 13,2 million and starts renovating it


apparently the biggest private residence of Manhattan with 40 rooms


Link to Heavy’s article 5 Things You Need To Know


Wexner soon wires the house including the bathroom which is called James Bond bathroom


Wexner does not live in the house! Instead Epstein uses it in his blackmail operations


in early 90s the official ownership of the house is transferred to Epstein so that Wexner would not be responsible if the blackmail operations get out of hand


Epstein decorates the house in outrageous manner with sexually explicit paintings, photos and apparel


Link to the Sun article




Palm Beach House


1990 Epstein buys a Palm Beach house


now even easier to entertain important people and couple them with young girls


Link to The Sun






1991 Leslie Wexner and Charles Bronfman create the Mega group


it is a club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen” focused on “philanthropy and Jewishness”


includes at least two World Jewish Congress presidents, Edgar Bronfman and Ronald Lauder


members like the Bronfmans, Ronald Lauder, Lester Crown, Michael Steinhardt and Max Fisher have ties to Kosher Nostra


the Mega Group protects Epstein and probably uses his services


Mega Group also manipulates the market together with the Club, circle of billionaire investors






1990 recession starts and Robert Maxwell’s investments turn sour


he probably demands that for all of his services the Mossad should help him pay back the money he stole from the pension funds


however, Mossad must have balked since the sum was over half a billion



1991 November 5 Maxwell dies mysterious after falling of his boat named after his favorite daughter Ghislane


Link to Ali Adar blog



the Spanish declined to take a dental impression and his fingerprints on file in London were too old. This prompted speculation that he was still alive


he was identified only by his family


Link to Ali Adar blog



Ghislane believes his father was murdered but does not blame Mossad. Instead she blames ”Mossad renegades”:


She was unable to accept her father’s guilt and likely suicide and insists to this day that a dark conspiracy of Mossad renegades and Sicilian contract killers took his life


there might have been a power struggle inside Mossad and Maxwell was on the losing side


Ghislaine talks to the reporters and organizes the funeral


Link to Ali Adar blog



the funeral is an Orthodox one! (Orthodox Jews are often accused to practice paedophilia. The Talmud is in many ways pro-pedophilia.)


Link to Ali Adar blog



the funeral is attended by no less than six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence


Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”. (IHC)


Robert Maxwell was obviously a Mossad agent and so is his daughter who is handling his father’s protege, Epstein



Link to Amazon






1992 Ghislaine Maxwell(J) becomes Epstein’s handler, girlfriend and madame


Epstein helps Ghislane acquire and hide part of her father’s fortune. Afterall, that’s what Epstein does for a living – according to his own testimony


officially, however they start an affair


The British newspaper Mail on Sunday named Epstein in the article “The mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret love


the article mentioned rumors that Epstein was connected to CIA and Mossad!


Ghislane not only gives Epstein more personal access to the elite but also handles the models and other girls used in blackmail operations


some of Epstein’s clients want to be blackmailed. They want to become Mossad fronts






1996 Alan Dershowits(J) meets Epstein


becomes first his de facto and later his de jure lawyer


Dershowits is not only a fierce Zionist but also the most feared lawyer in America known for his aggressiveness


Link to the New Yorker article


Dershowits has publicly argued that the age of consent should be lowered to at least 15 if not lower


having Dershowits on their side Ghislane and Maxwell start recruiting even younger girls


and now they dare to do this quite openly!





next some more apparel





the Mossad-protected blackmail operation is now ready for big fish. However, one last step in needed:


1996 J. Epstein & Co. name changed to the Financial Trust Company and registered on the U.S. Virgin islands for tax purposes


buys Little St. James island from the Virgin islands


soon locals start to call the island the Pedophile Island


Link to Wall Street Journal article










1990s Wexner’s Limited company sells its Boeing 727 airplane to Epstein


Link to Daily Mail






1993 February Epstein’s Zorro Trust buys land from members of the King family, a powerful New Mexico agricultural and political dynasty.


Epstein and several associates donate to Gary King’s various races, including his runs for governor and his successful campaign for attorney general

Epstein donates hundreds of thousands to the Santa Fe Institute (SFI), a think tank for theoretical researchers, where he befriended co-founder and quark-theory pioneer Murray Gell-Mann(J)

in New Mexico it would be relatively easy to smuggle people and especially children in and out of the country


1998 Epstein starts building a mansion on Zorro ranch



Click the picture




Virginia Roberts becomes a sex slave


1998 Ghislane meets  15-year old (born August 1983) Virginia Roberts (later Giuffre) at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, where Roberts was working as a locker room assistant at the time since his father also worked in the club as a maintenance manager


Virginia Roberts photographed at her mother home in palm Beach, 1998. Collect picture from Virginia Roberts. Link to Daily Mail article


Roberts parents had divorced when she was 10 and for sometime she had been a run-away exchanging sex for food and money until she moved in with her father to Palm Beach


did Ghislane target Roberts because of her past?


Ghislane recruits Roberts to become Epstein’s masseuse


Why did not Robert’s parents and Trump not intervene?

Was there a deal? Was that why Virginia became Epstein’s confidant?


Roberts soon becomes not only a sex slave but also Epstein’s ”number one girl”


being the top girl and confidant also explains why she was allowed to keep photos


Roberts starts taking Xanax prescription drugs to calm herself amid repeated sexual encounters/rapes


1999 Virginia Roberts Giuffre was directed to have sex with New Mexico’s governor Bill Richardson when she was a minor when Richardson visited the Zorro ranch


Virginia Roberts photographed on a horse at Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro ranch in Sante Fe, 2001. Collect picture from Virginia Roberts. Link to Daily Mail article





2000 the 15 year Nadia Marcinko from East Europe (possible Slovakia or Bosnia) is sold to Epstein (Wired)


Nadia is the ”raciest” of the girls who often pushes other girls to have sex with Epstein or into threesomes

Nadia soon becomes Epstein’s number 2 girl (after Virginia who is worried that Nadia is younger than her)



2002 Adriana Ross (aka Adriana Mucinska), a former model from Poland becomes ”sex sessions” organizer for Epstein (Wired)


Ross would almost immediately become Clinton’s favourite companion on Lolita express








2000 at the start of the new millennia everything seemed to go perfectly for Epstein and the Maxwell family


2000 Epstein belonged to the top of the top organisations Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission run by Rockefellers and Rothschilds


Link to Kurt Nimmo blog



Epstein was greatly respected by the elite







also the Maxwell family again had money and respect


Link to New York Post


Prince Andrew going out with Ghislane showed everybody that the Maxwells were back



Prince Andrew


2000 Epstein, Ghislaine and Prince Andrew with Trump in his resort Mar-A-Lago


Link to Ali Adar blog




2000 May Prince Andrew vacations with Epstein and Ghislaine in Florida

beside partying one reason for their frequent contacts was probably business, i.e. Andrew is obviously involved with MI6 and Epstein & Ghislaine with Mossad


2000 June Epstein and Ghislaine attended the Dance of the Decades, a spectacular party at Windsor Castle hosted by the Queen to mark Andrew’s 40th, Princess Anne’s 50th, Princess Margaret’s 70th and Prince William’s 18th birthdays. (Source Daily Mail)


2000 Autumn Andrew and Ghislane attend Heidi Klum’s ”hookers and pimps” Halloween party in New York. Ghislaine dressed as a prostitute wearing a white whig.


Link to Daily Mail



2000 September 2, Prince Andrew attends the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, Aurelia Cecil to Rupert Stephenson near Salisbury. Ghislane seems to be her date but they are not photographed together


Link to Ali Adar blog



2000 December  Andrew throws a birthday party for Ghislaine at Sandringham, which Epstein attended


Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein (left) at The Queen’s residence of Sandringham in 2000. Link to Daily Mail


2001 January Epstein, Ghislaine and Epstein celebrate the New Year in Phuket Thailand. Andrew was snapped sunbathing on a yacht with topless young women. (Daily Mail and The Sun)


Link to The Sun



2001 March Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew meet and become close at Ghislane’s Belgravia home in London


Link to



Link to the Sun




Naomi Campbell


2001 Formula One manager and Silvio Briatore invites Epstein, Ghislane and their 17-year sex slave Viriginia Roberts/Giuffre to her girl friend super model Naomi Cambell’s birthday.



Click the picture




The second Ponzi scheme


2000 becomes president of Liquid Funding Ltd. which was 40% owned by Bear Sterns


developes complex securities which led to the financial crisis of 2007 and collapse of Bear Sterns


Epstein acting as the front man for Bear Sterns in outrageously massaging securities bundles



Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation


2000 Epstein establishes Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation


registered on Virgin Islands, with one foundation board member being the wife of John de Jongh Jr., the governor of the Virgin Islands who had also served as the Commissioner of Finance as his grandfather had done before him

foundation financed numerous scientists, including several Nobelists, such as Epstein’s close friend Murray Gell-Mann(J)


2001 Harvard president and ex-treasury secretary Lawrence Summers  gives an office at Harvard for Epstein’s personal use!


Click the picture



2003 the foundation pledged $30 million to Harvard University to establish the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, directed by Martin Nowak,(J) a professor of mathematics and biology





2002 February Epstein invited by John Bronckman(J) from the Edge Foundation to Billionaires’ Dinner at TED event where money meets the biggest scientists


”The original caption, shown above from a Yahoo Finance screengrab, has been altered to exclude the association with Epstein.” Link to Yahoo article


Epstein took along his confidant Sarah Kellen


Link to Yahoo






2002 Epstein flew former President Clinton to Africa on his private Boeing 727 jet


Epstein also flew Clinton to various other places with either with Lolita Express or on his smaller Gulfstream planes


in total Bill Clinton seems to have had 24 trips on Lolita Express


according to flight logs, Epstein’s polish sex slave Adriana Ross (aka Adriana Mucinska) is one of the people in Epstein’s circle who flew most frequently with Bill Clinton. (Wired)




Modeling agencies


2003 Epstein finances Jean-Luc Brunell’s and Mark Fuller’s(J) new modelling agency MC2 that operates in New York, Miami and Tel Aviv



Brunell is generally known as the sleaziest man in model business who has long faced accusations that girls were drugged and raped in his employ. He was even the subject of a famous 60 Minutes expose on sexual abuse in the modeling industry


Despite this – or for the very reason – Epstein invests in MC2 and becomes particularly close to Brunel


Brunel became also linked to the apartments on Manhattan’s East 66th Street where Epstein allegedly housed models


MC2 concentrates on East European girls


2005 Brunel called Epstein and left a message that “he is sending him a 16-year-old Russian girl for purposes of sex,” the court papers say.

The message, filed as an exhibit in the case, was written on an office message pad, partly in code, and read: “He [Brunel] has a teacher for you to teach you how to speak Russian. She is 2×8 years old not blonde. Lessons are free and you can have your 1st today if you call.” (New York Post)

Juan Alessi, a former house manager for Epstein, told the court that over a 10-year period, Maxwell brought more than 100 young women that she called “massage therapists” to Epstein’s home. He said that when he cleaned up after them, he found vibrators and sex toys on the massage table. (New York Post)


2005 Mark Epstein forms his own agency, Saint Model and Talent




First expose attempt 


2003 Vicky Ward writes an expose for Variety


Epstein tries to make media mogul Gordon Black(wJ) pressure Ward into ”a more positive approach”


Epstein then visits the editor Craydon Carter(J-) in his office and pressures him to cut the worst parts out, especially those that refer to underage girls


the title of the ”expose” becomes ”The Talented Mr. Epstein”



Click the picture




Click the picture







to prevent further exposes Epstein starts to expand to publishing


2003 unsuccesful bid to acquire New York magazine


2004 Epstein and Mortimer Zuckerman(J) financed Maer Roshan’s(J) magazine Radar








2005 March the stepmother of a 14-year old girl reports to the police that her step-daughter has been abused by a rich man


Palm Beach police led by Chief Michael Reiter and the late Detective Joseph Recarey start to investigate


the police find more and more victims but still are pressured to stop the investigation by Epstein’s lawyer Dershowits


the police find receipts from Epstein’s trash for books including SM-handbooks on sex slaves



Link to Amazon




2006 July Epstein arrested for sex trafficking


super group of defense lawyers including Alan Dershowits(J), Jay Lefkowitz(J) from Kirkland & Ellis plus Jack Goldberger(J) and Kevin Starr(wifeJ)


after talking to Dershowits state prosecutor Barry Krischer(J) in effect declines to prosecute


in desperation Palm Beach police asks the feds to intervene



2007 federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta U.S. attorney for Southern Florida approves a deal with only little jail time and registering as a sex offender.


Epstein had to plead guilty only to two state charges, solicitation of  prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution


the deal also included a federal non-prosecution agreement with immunity for co-conspirators, i.e. Epstein’s top girls and confidants!



Link to Daily Beast


the whole deal was kept secret from Epstein’s victims


later 2018 Acosta explains that he was told Epstein was working for a foreign intelligence agency and was thus above his pay grade




2008 Epstein goes to jail but only sleeps at county jail


serves 13 months out of the 18 months which itself was originally a two year sentence


almost every day Epstein was visited by his personal assistant Story Cowles


Cowles seems to be an in-law of the Kennan-Flagner family who descend from the founders of Standard Oil (with Rockefellers)



Frank Kennan II and Story Cowles


Flagners built most of the railroads of Florida. Flagner was called the ”father of Miami, Florida” and founded the city of Palm Beach, which he turned into an international tourist destination.


the Kennans must have huge influence in Florida. Were they clients or otherwise connected to Epstein?


One of Epstein’s female procurers and confidants who also received immunity, Sarah Kellen was the girlfriend of Story Cowles


Nobody visited Epstein more than Cowles and Kellen


Later Kellen changed her name to Kensington


Link to Pressreader







Link to Ali Adar blog


2008 Daily Mail story



2010 Epstein’s confidants Sarah Kellen and Nadia Marcinkova plead the fifth when asked about Epstein and Prince Andrew


soon they would change identities but still stay under Epstein’s wing


Nadia Marcinkova was, and may still be, ensconced in an office in a posh building at 301 E. 66th Street, not far from Epstein’s house of horrors at 9 East 71st St. The company of Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, owns a majority stake in the building on 66th Street, including the unit Marcinko apparently lived or lives in; Mark says he has never heard of Aviloop, which was registered at that building for at least seven years. (As recently as 2015, Sarah Kellen took deliveries at the same building.) So, in spite of the immunity and the name changes, maybe Marcinko is not as far out of the gravitational pull of Epstein’s world as she might want to be.(Wired)




Socialites: Peggy Siegal(J), Katie Couric(J)


Academia: Lawrence Summers(J), Martin Nowak(J), Gerald Edelman(J)


Silicon valley: Reid Hoffman(J), Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg(J)


Ghislaine with Aby Rosen and Calvin Klein. Link to Ali Adar blog



Ghislane with Rupert Murdoch 2010. Link to Ali Adar blog



2010 July Ghislane invited to the wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky(J)



Link to



2010 December 6 Prince Andrew visits Epstein’s New York mansion



Link to Daily Mail story and video



with the help of top publicist Peggy Siegal(J) Epstein throws a party in his mansion for Prince Andrew. There are at least 15 people at the party including journalist Katie Couric(J), comedienne Chelsea Handler, former Clinton communications chief George Stephanopoulos and Woody Allen(J), who has also been accused of sexual impropriety. (Sun)


2011 January Epstein again meets Prince Andrew. Now at Central Park, New York









2011 February-March Daily Mail reveals that Prince Andrew met Epstein 2010 December and spent four days at his mansion


this is after he had been released from jail in 2009 and was a registered sex offender


Daily Mail also revealed the identity of Jane Doe 102 to be Virginia Roberts Giuffre who gave detailed information about Epstein’s sex trafficking.


Link to Daily Mail







Link to New York Times



2011 Epstein appeared again at Brockman’s(J) “Billionaires’ Dinner,” according to the New York Times reporting. Guests at that event included Bezos, Brin, Myhrvold, Elon Musk, Marissa Mayer, Zack Bogue, Anne Wojcicki, and David Brooks, a page for the dinner shows. (Yahoo)


2012, Maxwell founds The TerraMar Project,[51] a nonprofit organization that advocated protecting ocean waters. She gave a lecture for TerraMar at the University of Texas at Dallas and a TED talk, at TEDx Charlottesville in 2014.[52] Maxwell accompanied Stuart Beck(J), a 2013 TerraMar board member, to two United Nations meetings to discuss the project.[17] (Wikipedia)


2012 Epstein advertised his foundation’s sponsorship of an academic conference organized by Minsky(J)


2013 Forbes lauds Epstein as a genius and a great benefactor of science adding: ”He currently sits on the board of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard.”


Link to Forbes article through the WayBack Machine



2013 Ghislaine partying with the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg(J)


Michael Bloomberg and Ghislane Maxwell. Link to Ali Adar blog



2014 Ghislane and Elon Musk(J?) meet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party


Maxwell and Elon Musk. Photo: Kevin Mazur/VF14/WireImage/Getty Images. Link to the Cut article.


Rehabilitation was made easy because of strong support from three socially famous persons: top publicist Peggy Siegal(J), Dr. Eva Andersson-Dubin, wife of a billioner hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin(J) and a billionaire investor and chairman of the Museum of Modern Art, Leon Black(J) who 2015 seems to have given 10 million to Epstein’s new foundation Gratitude America.


Peggy Siegal, Eva Andersson-Dubin and Leon Black. Link to New York Times


Philantrophy: TerraMar founded by Ghislane Maxwell. 500 000 in and 870 out


obviously New York Time is correct that a rich and powerful network wanted to rehabilitate Epstein. However, what NYT leaves out is that the network was overwhelmingly Jewish and most importantly billionaire Zionist Jewish






2014 with the help of a lawyer Virginia Roberts Giuffre goes official with allegations of being procured at age 15 by Maxwell, repeatedly assaulted by Epstein and forced to have sex with powerful men


Roberts alleges Epstein ‘forced’ her to have sex with Andrew at an orgy with other under-age girls on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, as well as in a private house in London and in Epstein’s New York mansion when she was 17. An American judge threw out the allegations against the Prince and ordered them to be struck from the record as ‘immaterial and impertinent’.  (Daily Mail)


Maxwell calls Virginia’s claims “obvious lies”.



2015 January Guardian runs a story on Epstein and his entourage


Link to Guardian




2016 Virginia sues Maxwell for defamation. The case is settled out of court.


2016 James Patterson publishes a book about Epstein


however, the book has no index!


Link to Amazon








2015 Epstein becomes one of the biggest investors into Ehud Barak(J)-led spyware company Carbyne, that is full of Israeli intelligence officers


Link to ZevShalev’s Twitter post



The owners and board members of Carbyne are even more powerful. They not only include the author of Patriot Act, Michael Chertoff(J) but also Russian-Jewish Viktor Vekselberg(J) who is presently under American sanctions for being part of Putin’s inner circle!



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Viktor Vekselberg and Andrew Intrater(J) are the very same persons who payed Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen(J).


So, Trump does have a strong Putin-connection but it is through the Israelis. This is why the mainstream media does not dare to study it in more detail.


And since the Putin link also involves Epstein and the obvious Mossad connection the mainstream media is in a bind.



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2016 Barak attempts to sneak into Epstein’s New York mansion


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Great St. James


2016 Epstein buys the Great St. James Island in the Virgin Islands


Epstein starts building on the island without permits


mainstream media is not interested





Acosta becomes Labor Secretary


2017 April during the vetting process Alexander Acosta(A) admits that ”I was told that Epstein belonged to intelligence and leave it alone.”


media not interested to ask what he means


nobody wants to know that Acosta was obviously referring to Mossad


mainstream media still not interested in the Epstein case and especially not on the Mossad connection








2018 expose by Miami Herald


Mossad connection is not mentioned but victims are interviewed


Miami Herald is owned and run by the McClatchy family, one of the few remaining relatively independent media dynasties


however, mainstream media is still not interested in the Epstein story!





2019 under Israeli protection Epstein was very busy and his sex trafficking and other business is booming


Epstein’s private jets are still criss-crossing the planet about every third day. (Wired)




War between Netanyahu and Barak


2019 at age 77 Barak surprises everybody by coming out of retirement and challenges Netanyahu by creating a new party, Democratic Israel Party


the new party is expected to do well in the September 2019 elections




the battle between previous allies Netanyahu and Barak would doom Epstein. Now Netanyahu and American-Zionist officials would expose Epstein in order to discrace Epstein’s boss, Barak






2019 June, Epstein sells his Boeing 272-200 known as the Lolita Express just weeks before his arrest


Epstein seems to know in advance what is coming. Barak must have warned him



July 2 first documents unsealed


the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ordered the unsealing of documents from the earlier civil suit against Maxwell by Virginia Roberts Giuffre


mainstream media is not interested



July 6 Epstein arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey when he arrived from Paris


police search his Manhattan townhouse and discovere an expired 1980s passport inside a safe, along with diamonds, $70,000 in cash and photos of nude girls




charged with sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy


Netanyahu and his son immediately go in for a kill … of Barak


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July 9? lists his assets worth more than 550 million

In a court filing after his arrest this month, Mr. Epstein listed assets worth more than $550 million, an accounting a federal prosecutor said in court “is more significant for what it does not include than what it does.” Mr. Epstein listed no debts, and no art; he gave no indication of foreign accounts. (WSJ)

perhaps the foreign accounts were controlled by Mossad?



July 17 Maxwell tries to stop the unsealing of documents


Maxwell requested a rehearing in a federal appeals court to keep documents sealed that were part of a suit by Virginia Roberts Giuffre



July 18 Maxwell denied bail


prosecutor Geoffry Berman(J), William Barr(J) and Jay Lefkowitz(J)


judge Richard Berman(J)



July 23 Epstein found in his cell half-dead from a murder or suicide attempt


Epstein was put on suicide watch



July 30 Epstein removed from suicide watch



July 31 Epstein spent hours in a ’private room’ with a mysterious woman soon after he was taken off suicide watch. (Mirror)


August 9 Epstein writes his will

Jeffrey Epstein wrote a will just two days before his suicide, saying he had about $578 million in assets that he placed in a trust, which could complicate efforts by women who say he sexually abused them to collect damages.

Epstein, who died Aug. 10 in a federal jail cell in Manhattan, asked that Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn be appointed as executors, according to a copy of the will published Monday by the New York Post. It was filed in the U.S. Virgin Islands and couldn’t immediately be confirmed with the courts there. (Bloomberg)


August 10 release of documents naming high-profile individuals

including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell (D), former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), money manager Glenn Dubin [J] and MIT professor Marvin Minsky [J] – who were named in a 2015 lawsuit brought by Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre against Epstein’s ’Madam’ – Ghislaine Maxwell



August 11 Epstein found hanged in his cell

Two prison staff members who’d been guarding the unit where Epstein died by apparent suicide failed to check on him that night for about three hours, The New York Times reported. (Mirror)


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there is speculation induced coma or that a body double was involved. Suspicions are raised especially since not only Ghislaine’s father died mysteriously but also her famous illusionist brother-in-law, Al Seckel after he was revealed to be a swindler. Seckel was good friends with the magician James Randi and the Maxwell family seems to have had connections to Alistair Crowley.


Is there a pattern here? Did Epstein plan his own ”death” beforehand? Would he have had the resources, connections and the gall to do just that?


August 12 Epstein’s Pedoisland searched by FBI


August 12 Court document reveals Epstein’s assets


Link to article


the source of the assets is a mystery


 the story is that Epstein rose to the top of the hedge fund world by only managing the assets of clients with a net-worth of $1 billion or more. However, Yahoo Finance spoke to several people in the hedge fund space who had never run into Epstein or any of his trades. What’s more, there are also no regulatory filings, such as 13Fs, tied to his purported hedge fund firm. He’s never spoken at any of the major hedge fund industry events, either. (Yahoo)





August 14 Jennifer Araoz filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, Maxwell and three unnamed female household staff members. Araoz alleges she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Epstein at his New York City townhouse when she was 14 and 15 years old, including a forcible rape in 2002.






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