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These new snippets of information regarding William Barr and Robert Mueller have been integrated into the Epstein Mossad -timeline. These snippets are offered to early readers so they do not have to read the whole timeline again.



1973 Epstein hired as a teacher at Dalton School despite being a drop-out.

Epstein’s headmaster, Donald Barr probably had been involved in operation Paperclip. That would have been the ultimate proof that a Jew was loyal to the CIA.

Barr had become a Catholic, married a Gentile and helped the Nazis. On the other hand he was not hostile to Israel. In effect, this made the Barr family perfect liaisons between CIA and Mossad.

This would explain how Donald’s half-Jew son William Barr had such a stellar rise in the CIA.  At the time in the early 70s he was already not only a junior analyst at CIA but a major player in the intelligence community.


William Barr. Link to BBC


In 1973 William Barr at age 23 had already joined the CIA and soon he was trying to hinder the Church and Pike committees investigation of the CIA.


Link to Wall Street Journal




1980s and 90s Robert Maxwell helps steal and then sell computer programs like Promis that spies for Mossad.


All but forgotten, however, are his alleged ties to the PROMIS affair, thanks in no small part to the FBI withdrawing his file from public view. The withheld materials describe Maxwell accessing an NSA database with information on tapping government databases, which is precisely what U.S. and Israeli intelligence are accused of modifying PROMIS to do. (Muckrock)


When Promis affair, which was actually part of the larger Inslaw scandal was close to being exposed in the early 90s Attorney General William Barr came to rescue and helped bury the whole affair.




Link to Muckrock





1993 Ponzi scheme collapses. Hoffenberg goes to jail but Epstein escapes scot-free!

Corrigan’s team did not pursue a financial claim against Epstein. He turned the product of his investigation over to the SEC, which brought its own charges against Tower executives that did not involve Epstein. And somehow, almost like magic, in spite of thousands of unhappy investment victims, Jeffrey Epstein walked away from all this criminal activity without even being accused. Epstein had somehow discovered an immunity from prosecution that had to be rooted in the federal government because it worked in multiple states. (TheBL)



Link to


Perhaps it was not coincidental that Epstein’s former headmaster’s son William Barr was at the time stopping all criminal investigations into Iran-Contra.

In the 80s and 90s William Barr became known as the ”Cover-up General” who as Attorney General stopped the investigation of many Iran-Contra criminals and other intelligence assets. He was helped in this by his close friend Robert Mueller who in the 80s and 90s was both the Deputy and Assistant Attorney General.


William Barr during a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Nov. 12, 1991, on his nomination as Attorney General in the Bush administration. Left to right: Sen. Strom Thurmond, Sen. Joseph Biden, Barr, Sen. Patrick Leahy. (Source: EIR) Link to Global Research.



2007 In desperation Police Chief Reiter writes a public letter asking that prosecutor Krischer recuse himself from the case. Then he asks the FBI to intervene and prosecute Epstein.


Police chief Reiter probably does not know that the director of FBI, Robert Mueller was already in the 80s and 90s helping Donald Barr cover up for Epstein during the Iran-Contra investigation. Mueller also seems to have covered-up Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack. He was certainly the last man to point the finger at Israel and its agents.


Furthermore, Donald Barr was close and would soon work for Kirkland & Ellis law firm, the very same firm that was now representing Epstein.


Link to Wikipedia





2016 Epstein partnes with Ehud Barak in Carbyne


Carbyne was supported by Israeli-Russian oligarchs.




Link to



So, Trump does have a strong Putin-connection but it is through the Israelis. Perhaps this is why the mainstream media does not dare to study the connection in more detail.


And since the Putin-link also involves Epstein and Barak connection the mainstream media is terrified to touch the subject.


And so are the old friends Robert Mueller and William Barr. After all, both probably covered up for Epstein and Israelis already in the 80s and 90s. Then as the Director of FBI Mueller probably helped Epstein get a sweetheart deal in 2007.


Then 2017 Mueller would become special counsel investigating foreign interference in 2016 presidential elections. Naturally he did not find any Israeli influence nor did he note Mossad agent Epstein and his connections to both Trump and the Israeli-Russian oligarchs.


Nor did anyone ask Mueller about the Epstein’s sweetheart deal despite Mueller being the director of FBI at the time. Not one mainstream or alternative media journalist seems to have asked the question even in their articles or videos.


Then in 2019 Mueller’s old friend, William Barr as Attorney General would officially accept Mueller Report’s non-findings.



2019 January Confirmation hearings for the Attorney General nominee William Barr(J).


Senator Ben Bass(A) refers to the Miami Herald expose and asks if Barr and the Department of Justice will finally bring Jeffrey Epstein to justice. Barr answers that he might have to recuse himself since he has previously been employed by Kirkland Ellis law firm that had defended Epstein.


Bass is skeptical of Barr’s answer and tries to make it clear that the Department of Justice is trying to avoid responsibility. However, mainstream media is still not interested despite the fact that since the 90s Barr has been known as the ”Cover-up General”.


Senator Ben Sasse published the Youtube video below right after Epstein’s second arrest in July 2019. However, it has only 2000 views.






2019 July Epstein charged with sex trafficking conspiracy.


The case involves:


prosecutor Geoffry Berman(J), who was also involved in Israel-Iran-Contra affair.


judge Richard Berman(J), nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1998.


Attorney General William Barr(J), whose father Donald Barr had hired Epstein to become a teacher at Dalton school. William Barr was also involved in Israel-Iran-Contra affair as ”the Cover-up General” when he seems to have also protected Epstein.



Link to Village Voice





July 9 Kamala Harris demands that both Attorney General William Barr(J) and Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen(J) recuse themselves because both have served as a counsel at law firm Kirkland and Ellis that secured Epstein his lenient 2007 non-prosecution deal.


Link to Harris


Barr has also another reason to recuse himself: His father Donald Barr(J) had hired Epstein 1974 to become teacher at Dalton school.

New York University Law School Professor and legal ethics expert Stephen Gillerstold Law&Crime that Barr would have had to recuse himself because of this if there was “a reasonable possibility that the prosecution of Epstein could lead to disclosures that would harm Donald Barr’s reputation.” (Law and Crime)


William Barr first announced that he will recuse himself but then changed his mind. Obviously there was great demand for the Cover-Up General.


Link to





July 9 People are finally starting to ask what did Robert Mueller know about Epstein’s 2007 sweetheart deal.

The mainstream media wants to bury the question. Some medias even claim FBI has no role what so ever in federal prosecutions. Especially not if it involves interstate sex trafficking of children by billionaires.


Link to AP





Read the whole timeline:


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