4 thoughts on “Päivän kuva

  1. https://www.tr.news/tommy-robinson-stops-coronavirus-attack-in-the-uk/
    21st March 2020 TR.news: ”A couple were walking down the road when a group of male degenerates targeted them. The male degenerates thought they would “purposefully” cough and spit, directing their “cough” and “spit” towards them. The couple then challenged these degenerate and disrespectful youth telling them they can’t and shouldn’t do that, certainly not during this coronavirus epidemic.
    The gang then abused the couple, but a British hero stepped in, during the struggle the lady was hit in the face, which caused a swelling and blackening of her eye. All this happened because the couple dared to call out a gang of degenerate and disrespectful youth for “coughing” and “spitting” directly at them in the street during a global pandemic!”

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