5 thoughts on “America, Land of Our Kin

  1. Sorry, but I cant love people that fanatically admire and love destroying other nations and being ten times more disgusting, more evil that brits themselves ever were. Europe, we need to save. As long as american admire, joy, take pride of destroying us, europeans, everybody else, just let them sink to what they have created. You should keep your enemies near, but never love them. Just ask american how proud they are of their army, soldiers and how they destroy everybody else abroad. Just… disgusting zionists. American will continue to destroy you if you let them in your country.

  2. The United States has been and still is our enemy that tries to destroy us. They were allied with the disgusting, brutal Soviet Union. Now they arent ashamed one bit to ally with any disgusting group that they can find, selling women and children for sex slaves, controlling worlds drug trade, arms trade and bank mafia, as well as actual mafias. Not only that, but american themselves are proud to be disgusting and how they do all this, mass murdering people and controlling most brutal terrorist organizations. People like this that are proud of what they are doing in the world shouldnt deserve anybodys sympathies. Lets just close borders from the United States and Israel to rest of the world. Problem solved. Lets save Europe.

  3. So american, how does it feel getting destroyed? Is it great? It used to be great, didnt it, when you were the ones doing it, terror bombing civilian in Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, in the Vietnam war. Killing in Iraq, Afganistan, Syria and so on. When you admired how the soviets could extinguish german resistance, when you dropped supplies to soviets against Finland and Germany, saying how proud you were fighting against those evil nazis and how you saved the world by fighting against those evil nazis. When you allied with the terrorist state of Israel, created al-Qaida and Isis, when you allied with many kurd terrorists that are now in Finland as well. Your Isis is now in Finland. American, when your country sinks to itself, guess how many friends you really have, where do you think you will go in the future? You are not coming to Europe. You would eventually destroy us, if we have something to do with your kind anymore. World is better without the United States, much better.

  4. Our priority is to get hostile american forces to stay out from occupying Finland and getting rid of their agents in our government and stop them from interfering our elections. Since 1945, american have been practically occupying Finland and Germany. American are very proud of doing this to us and how they come here uninvited, after taking over our government.

  5. Only good thing about the USA used to be its constitution. Right to bear arms was copied from Europe. We should just de-americanize ourselves, purging their decaying culture from our heads and that they ever used to exist while keeping the american out from our countries. Germany tried to until its end and then american started to ”de-nazify” Germany. Look at what you made to Germany american. You did that. Women and children are literally getting raped because of you. We might not have the american-jwish banking system if german would have won. After the war you massacred and mass murdered german and japanese. After the war!

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