Free speech 6 heinäkuun, 2020


In this guided history tour we visit Port Piraeus, home of the Athenian Navy, which was protected by the famous long walls of Athens! We are joined by Professor Daniel Faas who speaks at length to the history of the Athenian trireme fleet, its port, and its dockyards.

This video was filmed in the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Discovery Mode. In the video we explore Port Piraeus and its surroundings. We begin by talking about the geography of Athens and the history of its development. This focuses on the building up of its main port and the impressive defensive structure that was the long walls of Athens.

We then descend to the ground level to talk about the commercial and military activities taking place. Then we turn to one of the Trireme vessels to talk about their details and use in combat like the battle of salamis. Then we turn to how these ships were built and maintained in ancient Greece.

I hope you enjoy this educational documentary on ancient Greek history and Athenian history presented through the the Assassins Creed Odyssey Discovery Mode.