3 thoughts on “Finland gets destroyed in South Park. Why not Israel?

  1. ****** needs to be destroyed. With a nuke. Or at least we need to build a big wall around Israel and close Israel away from civilization forever. We cant let ****** destroy and attack us.

  2. ***** should be dropped to ******* to return world peace. Nothing good comes out of that shithole, only disgusting crimes and terrorists. We need to stop terrorists of ******* getting near humans.

  3. The United States needs to shoot a nuke to ******* but they wont, because both are criminal terrorist states that love other terrorists and pedophiles. The more disgusting the group, the more american will love them, like ******, bolshevik communists, Isis, Al-Qaida. I forgot, they are literally the same thing! Never ever allow another ****** to be born! Huge mistake from humans.

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