2 thoughts on “Trump saving the world from pedophiles?

  1. With what logic rest of the world will follow the massmurdering and sick USA? We might get hit by pedophiles, which you support by the way Trump, but we will get back up, while the USA will turn high IQ and mentally very stable black country that will treat children very well. The high IQ black USA wont never be a threat to us finnish anymore and we will be freed from hostile american troops and intelligence servives that are now occupying and controlling Finland and Germany after WW2. Fall of the USA will only be a good and a positive thing. We europeans can finally be free from this evil, disgusting country.

  2. The United States has made everybody their enemy and they are occupying and controlling everybody else. I will just laugh out loud at these white bitches disappearing from the world and we can live free without the hostile american people. You shouldnt have attacked and put your noses to everybodys businesses. Now you are paying for it and its a good thing.

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