3 thoughts on “What Happens If the US Election Ends in a Tie?

  1. You would get a civil war when extremist far-jewish sect of jew-backed Antifa and BLM-animals will increase violence and then soyboys and BLM-animals will get shot from AR-15’s and that will be the end of violent and mental soyboys and BLM-animals. But one thing is certain, no matter who wins, USA and americans will always remain bitches of Israel and some extremist jews. You will always remain bitch slaves american people.

  2. Regardless of the result, the USA will turn black and extremely high IQ and extremely mentally stable. With this peace will return to the world when white americans disappear from earth from sticking their noses to everybodys businesses and doing hideous, disgusting war crimes. Many americans will be put to justice when the american-zionist empire falls, when their money machine and the war machine falls. Nobody can protect the criminal american then from justice and harsh verdicts for all the crimes that they have done. Stolen property will be taken back from the american and they will pay back by doing work for their victims until the damage is paid even partially. However, nothing can pay the damage what the american have done, but its a start. Everybody else has been working for them and they have been stolen by the american. Soon its time for them to pay back.

  3. Demokraatit aikovat tehdä bolsevikkisen vallankumouksen olipa presidentinvaalien tulos kuinka voitollinen Donald Trumpille hyvänsä. Tässä demokraatteja avustaa armeija johon on solutettu demokraatteja ja ”liberaali-sosialisteja” koko ajan jo siitä lähtien kuin pedofiili presidentti Bill Clinton kortteerasi Valkoisessatalossa.

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