4 thoughts on “Forbidden to Disagree With Israel

  1. The United Bitches of Israel. Haha. You guys are real retards, bitches of Israel. You guys thought that you are independent, but you are receiving so hard to your anuses by Israel that you cant even feel it anymore. Way to go guys, way to go! Just fucking leave your occupying troops and hostility from Finland. American are not welcome to Finland. You are enemies of the finnish people and we will eventually put our enemies to camps and trials will start for invading our country and robbing everything we had, you robbing massmurdering psychopaths. Disgusting country and disgusting people.

  2. The Unites States of Israel. Haha. You cant even critize some extremist jews in the USA and you call yourself independent?

  3. The more bodybacks and coffins that return to the USA, the better. Eventually we will fight back our freedom and independence from the terrorist state of the USA. History will know that people were fully authorized to send american enemies and terrorists without legs and in bodybags.

    Dont be too confident american, one leg and one hand at a time we will fight ourself free from your disgusting dictatorship and there will be trials with heavy verdicts for the american people.

    The brave vietnamese pushed the american enemy back, we will push the american enemy back the same way.

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