5 thoughts on “Why Did WHO Fake A Pandemic in 2010?

  1. How we get these bastards to harsh justice? Police are protecting these criminals and the court system as well as politician and officials are totally corrupt as well.

  2. Even if the police and the justice system are protecting these criminals, it doesnt mean that we citizen couldng get them infront of civil justice. Along with that a large part of finnish police are taken infront of justice sooner or later for treason and genocide.

  3. If the corrupt police and court system do not do their duty, citizen need to do it. Only citizen can get real criminals to justice.

  4. Follow the money… Heti tulee mieleen että kenenkähän etua tämä *********** ajaa? On kuitenkin saanut pitää ”paljastuskanavansa” ilman että sitä on sensuroitu. Sekin on jo jotain.

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