2 thoughts on “Laittomat Uutiset: Ota 100 mcg D-vitamiinia/vrk tai sairastut!

  1. Allekirjoittanut ottaa myös sen 100 mcg päivässä näin talvella. Suosittelen.

  2. Lampaanvillasta eristetty D-Vitamiini purkista voi olla mitä vaan…
    So-called paid scientists who get paid or work for the companies that sell their worthless nostrums, pills and invisible rays of the sun.

    ​Vitamin D does not exist. No one has ever seen it. You have been conned.

    As the late great Dr. Herbert Shelton said in 1947 and top experts in the field today say, ” Synthetic vitamins are drugs.

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