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    1. Service of the Gestapo: 17.08.2021 "Korona-agendan määräyksiä vartioivia ”kapoja” koulutetaan" sanoo:



      ”The Vél d’Hiv Raid: The French Police at the Service of the Gestapo”


      ”TerrorClown – Terror Machine”


      Tue Apr 6, 2021 ”Pastor reacts: ‘Nazis, Gestapo is not allowed here’” ”A Canadian pastor who grew up under communism in Poland told police and health inspectors who entered his church during an unannounced COVID health visit on Good Friday to “get out.” He yelled, “You Nazis, Gestapo is not allowed here.””

      ”Pawlowski is a well-known street preacher in Calgary and is renowned for feeding the homeless. He has been running Calgary-based Street Church Ministries for over 20 years, and has been a vocal opponent to COVID lockdowns.”


      ”The building at 84, avenue Foch became the main headquarters for the Gestapo. The sixth floor was converted to torture rooms and cells. Throughout the Nazi Occupation, the neighbors could hear the screams from the victims of Gestapo torture. Parisians quickly determined this street was not a place you wanted to visit.”

      ”Avenue Foch became known to the French as The Street of Horrors.” ”They developed satellite offices, branches, and substations where torture rooms and cells were established. Gestapo agents dressed in suits, wore black trench coats, and drove black cars (presumably Citroëns). Parisians (especially Jewish citizens) learned quickly that a night time knock on their door might lead to bad things happening to members of the family.”

      ”One of the unpleasant facts of the Occupation was the collaboration of certain segments of French society. There were three primary groups that assisted the Germans in rounding up and deporting the Jews (and other “undesirable” groups), fighting the French Resistance, and overall policing in the Occupied Zone, including Paris.”

      ”Miliciens were considered more dangerous than the Gestapo and the SS since Milice members were French and it was difficult to identify them.”

      ”French resistance increased. As resistance activities grew, so did the reprisals by the Germans. If you were arrested for things as menial as a curfew violation, you’d be held in prison as a hostage. When there were actions against the Germans, especially assassinations, they would randomly pick hostages to be executed.”

      ”The methods of torture included near drowning, breaking of limbs with a spiked ball, merciless beatings until one fell unconscious, or having fingernails removed with hot irons or other sharp instruments. If the victim didn’t talk (which was rare), they would be shipped off to one of the death camps – survival was rare.”

      ”The Gestapo called their torture rooms “kitchens.””


      ”First, that no such coronavirus has ever been isolated or proven to exist”


      March 23, 2020 ”COVID-19 Bioweapon,
      5G Energy Weapon, Chemtrail Chemical Weapon & Flu Vaccine Hybrid Weapon All Fully Integrated Into a Quaternary Weapon System to Depopulate and Lock Down Planet Earth”


      Posted on 18 August 2021 ”Cult-owned fascist ‘anti-fascist’ Antifa now attacking those opposing fascist ‘vaccine’ mandates. How very anti-fascist”

  1. Ruotsissa terveydenhuolto on laajentunut hengelliseen huoltoon. Muslimeille on suotavaa esittää yksityiskohtaisia toiveita siitä, millaista hoitoa he haluavat ja kuka sen suorittaa.

    – Den muslimska vårdguiden ger muslimer särskilda rättigheter över andra

    – Kun puhutaan muslimipotilaista heihin sovelletaan aivan eri normeja. Muslimeille on suotavaa esittää yksityiskohtaisia toiveita siitä, millaista hoitoa he haluavat ja kuka sen suorittaa. Ruotsalaisviranomaisten mukaan on jopa toivottavaa, että näin kävisi. Näitä valintoja kutsutaan «hengellisen Muslimihuollon rakentamiseksi terveydenhuollossa ja terveydenhuollossa», ja ne tapahtuvat yhteistyössä uskonnollisten yhteisöjen tukiviranomaisen (SST) ja islamilaisen yhteistyöneuvoston (ISR) islamilaisten kansallisjärjestöjen välillä, joka on Sunni.

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