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  1. Ainakin neljännen, viidennen tai kuudennen piikin jälkeen olosi on upea. Ota vielä seitsemäs piikki fucking idiootti. Kahdeksas ja yhdeksäs.

  2. Nämä siis puhuu ”entistä vahvemmasta immuniteetistä” ja samalla kertovat kuinka rokote voi ehkä suojata vain vakavalta tautimuodolta. Saadaan siis vahvistettua jotain mitä ei edes alunperinkään tule. Kyllä on väsynyttä propagandaa.

  3. ”Tankki täynnä”, mitä? Liettä? Kusta? Paskaa?

    …ja nyt on tulossa jouluksi se koronan viides aalto. Voi, mikäs meidät voisi pelastaa? No, neljäs piikki tietysti.

  4. Kuten huomattua,tuommosten plus viiskymppisten ”yllättävät äkkikuolemat” ovat lisääntyneet. Voin heittää melkein faktana pöytään arvauksen ,jotta tulevat lisääntymään tuosta vielä kunhan saadaan ruiskittua pötköjä suoniin.Ensi vuonna jo meininki kuumaa,pelkkää piikkien huumaa…no jopas pukkas runolliseksi.höhöö

  5. Kunnon huijaukseta nyt on kyse. ´Populaation vähennys talkoot. Sama näytelmä nähtiin jo 1900 alussa naapurisamme oli tarkoitus listiä 90%. Kaikki yksityis omaisuus sosialisoitiin valtiolle. jäljelle jääneet alistettiin kansanpalkalle tekemään työt ylenmälle portaalle. Kansanvaihdon syy on väkivallan uhan lisääminen, Näin saadaan kansa ottamaan seuranta siru käteensä. Siruun liitetään myös maksu jos et ole kunnon orja sirusi ei toimi kassalla. Kansata on kaivettu DNA nenästä kaikki tieto on Brysselissä Nato tietokoneella odottamassa käyttöönottoa. Siru kädessäsi on seuraava matkustuspassi menet sitten junalla tai lentäen. Eurostoliitto saa sinusta täyden otteen näillä resepteillä et pysty enään mihinkään yksityisyyteen malli on jo pitkällä kiinassa jossa kansalaispisteet määräävät vapauttasi.

  6. Australian genocide: "it is possible and, in 1789, likely, that infection of the Aboriginal people was a deliberate extermination act" sanoo:


    ”the dramatic reduction in the Tasmanian Aboriginal population in the 19th century and the forced removal of generations of Aboriginal children from their parents during the 20th century as evidence of genocide. The evidence includes documentation of the wish, and sometimes intention, of a significant proportion of late 19th-century and early 20th-century white Australians to see the Aboriginal ”race” eliminated”

    ”They generally took no prisoners at the frontier and there are no signs that they ever enforced any other ”law” than ”might is right”. It was a force designed more in the manner of the recent times phenomenon known as the ”death-squad” and the secrecy of its operations was ensured by the remoteness of its operations, added a system that denied the evidence from ”blacks” while the force itself was instructed to ensure that there would always be only one white witness, the officer in charge of each detachment. Recently the first ever attempt to scientifically calculate the number of Aboriginal people killed in encounters with the Native Police indicates that numbers may exceed 45,000.”

    ”what happened to groups of Indigenous people, and especially the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, during the European colonisation of Australia can be classified as genocide.”

    ”Historians such as Tony Barta argue that for the victim group it matters little if they were wiped out as part of a planned attack. If a group is decimated as a result of smallpox introduced to Australia by British settlers, or introduced European farming methods causing a group of Aboriginal people to starve to death, the result is, in his opinion, genocide.”

    ”that genocide was Australian policy” ”the barbarous crop of exterminators” ”virus were sterilised by summer heat” ”and was probably deliberately introduced”

    ”that there is credible evidence for the violent deaths of only 118 Tasmanian Aboriginal people, as having been directly killed by the British, although there were undoubtedly an unquantifiable number of other deaths for which no evidence exists.” ”Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for 40,000 years”


    Jan. 29, 2015 ”the liberation of Jews from the Auschwitz death camp, the chairman of Australia’s first and largest community-controlled Aboriginal health service expressed his people’s identification with ”the injustice wrought on the Jewish community,””

    ”just as Aboriginal people still know today, how the sting of persecution and oppression feels”

    ”Aboriginal Australians, despite never being afforded their own self-determination, had a long history of confronting injustice, such as protesting against Apartheid South Africa.”

    “Bad things happen when good people stay silent, and the history of Aboriginal people advocating for the oppressed is long and well established, and that’s something for which everyone in the Aboriginal community should be rightly proud,””


    ”a rise in antisemitism related to the pandemic”


    Sun 3 Mar 2019 ”The killing times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront”

    ”Almost 70% of Australians accept that Aboriginal people were subject to mass killings, incarceration and forced removal from land, and their movement was restricted”


    ”An 1888 drawing of a massacre by Queensland’s native police at Skull Hole”

    ”massacres were carried out as daylight attacks by native police” ”There are at least nine known cases of deliberate poisoning of flour given to Aboriginal people.” “conspiracy of silence”

    ”as the result of escalating tensions over land, water and resources” ”The language in these sources is coded. “Dispersal” is a common euphemism. “Land clearing”, “expeditions” and “hunting parties” were undertaken to “teach the blacks a lesson”.”


    Sun 17 Nov 2019 ”The frontier massacres were very public murders – known about, sometimes complained about – but the killings went on”


    Sun 17 Nov 2019 ‘Kartiya [white people] gather all the blackfellas and tie ‘em up with chains. Told ‘em to get all the wood, stack ‘em on the wood heap. Started shooting the blackfellas with the chains (still on). They had a bottle of kerosene and just pour ‘em on and burn it up.”


    January 26, 2021 ”the native Tasmanians, no recovery is possible because they’re all dead” ”Early Australians were preliterate, so they never wrote anything down, and their cave art is cryptic.”


    Thu 6 Dec 2012 ”We plead that you would make it known to your government and its military leaders that this cruel persecution of their fellow citizens must be brought to an end.”


    ”Aborigines number about 450,000 in an Australian population of 21 million.” ”the crusade against the White Australia Policy, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-white immigration to Australia”

    ”the Aborigines suffered “an act of genocide aimed at wiping out indigenous families, communities and cultures.””


    ”The Gurs Internment camp in southwest France, where Jewish refugees and political refugees were imprisoned.”


    23.11.2021 ”Australian armeija on ryhtynyt pakkotoimiin ”altistuneita” vastaan”

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