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    1. Sillä on kylmän psykopaatin muovinen ilme naamalla. Aina sama ilme. Ja silmistä näkee että se on ”kuollut”, ne on mustat ilottomat silmät. Ihan kuten Raamatussa kuvataan.

  1. https://www.newscientist.com/question/what-is-a-chimera/


    ”Therefore, we can see how a man with access to technology and to Satan’s seed could then merely inject it into his DNA; then once inserted his own RNA would copy the new strands with the foreign gene(s) and it would spread throughout his entire system. Once the process of replication was complete the man would no longer be a mere human; he would in essence be a chimera, a hybrid; he would be a chimera, a hybrid – a beast!”


    ”CRISPR is a technology that can be used to edit genes and, as such, will likely change the world.”


    ”we need to keep CRISPR under control so that it doesn’t create unwanted changes in genomes. This is where anti-CRISPR comes in. Its ability to disable CRISPR means it could act as an off-switch. Biochemists are now racing to find out how they can use these twin weapons to bring about a gene editing revolution.”


    ”Viruses often splice their DNA into the genomes of the cells they infect. Genetic parasites called jumping genes copy and paste themselves all over the place. And when cells divide, mistakes are often made when more copies of DNA are created.”


    5 November 2021 ”Genetically engineered bacteria armed with CRISPR could help combat antibiotic-resistant infections and also allow doctors to edit people’s microbiomes”


    ”Each person has an entirely unique network of microbiota that is originally determined by one’s DNA. A person is first exposed to microorganisms as an infant, during delivery in the birth canal and through the mother’s breast milk. [1] Exactly which microorganisms the infant is exposed to depends solely on the species found in the mother. Later on, environmental exposures and diet can change one’s microbiome to be either beneficial to health or place one at greater risk for disease.”


    ”HIV gradually weakens the body’s immune system by infecting and destroying white blood cells called T-cells.” ”There is no cure for HIV”

    ”Experts believe that SIV first crossed over to humans in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1930s, where the world’s first known case of an HIV-related death was traced to a blood sample from a man who died in 1959.”

    ”HIV incorporates its DNA into the DNA of every cell it infects, meaning the virus cannot be completely eliminated from the body. Therefore antiretroviral therapy is not a cure, and people with HIV are advised to continue taking antiretroviral therapy to prevent the virus from making more copies of itself and infecting more cells.”

    ”In 2018, in a world-first, Chinese researcher He Jiankui controversially used CRISPR on human embryos to introduce the CCR5 mutation and create babies who will be resistant to HIV infection. Following widespread criticism and ethical and safety concerns from the scientific community, his research programme has been stopped.”


    ”Breeding of the GEMO animals remained allowed and here is when the fun started, the next generation GEMO animals had their abilities combined, they had Ξchips inserted into their right eye to record all activity and register it on the block-chain and every animal was given an ID number, a rank depending on the genes they carried; there were either type A (GEMO with GEMO), type B (GEMO with unmodified animal) second generation GEMO animals.”


    ”I think you will be surprised at what you’ll start noticing in scriptures that seem to eerily allude to these technologies and the biblical implications of “corrupting our seed”.”


    24.11.2021 ”Onko Pfizerin pääjohtaja ihminen?”

  2. Hullusalot, Peppu-Pekat ja Sannulit on jo sen luokan sakkia, että jos vaikka joutuisivat johonkin pahaan onnettomuuteen niin olisin oikeesti iloinen.

  3. Rokottamattomuus on synti,
    jota kirkko ei voi antaa anteeksi.

    Berlin archdiocese bans unvaccinated from most church services during Advent and Christmas

    Diaspora 2.0
    Uskovaiset muuttavat joukolla USA:sta Venäjälle.

    Christian emigration from US to Russia shows Moscow now ‘leader of the free world’ — Church Patriarch

    – Venäjän ortodoksinen kirkko on ainoa suurempi kirkkokunta, joka on riippumaton valtiosta tai globaalista eliitistä.

    Jeesus out. George Floyd in.
    USA:n katolinen yliopisto vaihtoi Jeesuksen George Floyd’iin

    Catholic University of America hangs painting of George Floyd depicted as Jesus

    Älkää taas tehkö samoja virheitä kuin teitte silloin, kun natsit olivat vallassa.

    German Princess warns Catholics not to make same mistake as those who failed to fight the Nazis

  4. Soininvaara haluaa lopettaa suomalaisen rakennusteollisuuden. — Sama on tilanne on maataloudessa.

    Rakennusyrityksillä ei ole tutkimusosastoja

    Siirtämällä teollisuus ja maatalous kansainvälisille suuryrityksille saavutetaan valtavia hyötyjä.

    Palkansaajien tutkimuslaitos haluaa myös siirtää rakennusteollisuuden sinne, missä homma osataan.
    – Tutkimuslaitoksen synttärijuhlia ei kuitenkaan aiota ulkoistaa.
    – Palkansaajien tutkimuslaitos elää ja juhlii veronmaksajien piikkiin.

    Jotenkin suomalaisen rakennusmiehen ammattitaito on romahtanut muutamassa vuodessa.
    – Kukaan ei osaa selittää miksi!

  5. Jalkapalloilun maailmasta: tiistaina Sheffield Unitedin John Felck putosi suorilta jaloiltaan kentän pintaan ja eilen Sheriffin Traore putosi Real Madridia vastaan tajuttomaksi.Katsokaa vaikka Youtubesta,varmaan pian poistetaan. Ovat varmaan yksittäistapauksia kun ei kukaan uutisoi. 108 Fifan rekisteröityä valmentajaa tai pelaajaa kuollut vuoden sisään….minkähän takia? Miksei kerrota….höhööö

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