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Introduction in Finnish:

Monissa maissa on laitonta kirjoittaa kriittisesti juutalaisista. Suomi on kuitenkin ainutlaatuinen maa siinä mielessä, että Suomessa on usein laitonta kirjoittaa kriittisesti myös äärijuutalaisista eli sionisteista! Magneettimediakin sai tuomion ja tuhottiin, kun se julkaisi yhden jutun sionistien vallasta.


Laiton Lehti ei kuitenkaan välitä. Ensinnäkin se ei pelkää raukkamaista valtakunnanvainojaa. Toiseksi, Laittoman Lehden analyysissä pääpahiksena eivät ole pelkästään sionistit, vaan vähimmäisvarantopankkijärjestelmää eli rahakonetta johtava Rothschildien, Morganien ja Rockefellerien dynastinen liitto.


Laittomalla Lehdellä on siis U$rael-teoria eikä ZOG-teoria (Zionist Occupation Government). Tämä tekee analyysistä tieteellisemmän ja siten myös valtakunnanvainoajan on vaikeampi syyttää Laitonta Lehteä kiihottamisesta kansanryhmää vastaan. Ja vaikka syyttäisi, niin vääryyskäynnissä olisi hauska kuulla miten Rothschildien johtamien Israelin ja U$raelin kritisoiminen olisi muka vihapuhetta.


Laiton Lehti onkin joka vuosi julkaissut aina uuden selkeämmän tiivistelmän maailmanhistoriasta. Tässä viimeinen versio:


Kuka hallitsee maailmaa? Valtaeliitin historia tiivistettynä. Maxinarratiivin osa XI: Putin



Nyt tuota versiota on jälleen parannettu ja tällä kertaa muutettu englanninkieliseksi. Otsikkoa ollaan tehty myös hieman provosoivammaksi. Juutalainen seurakunta varmaan taas tulee hysteerisesti vaatimaan valtakunnanvainojaa nostamaan syytteen.


Varmuuden vuoksi Laiton Lehti tulee tarjoamaan tätä englanninkielistä versiota myös vaihtoehtomedian päämajalle UNZ.comille julkaistavaksi. Aiemmat Laittoman Lehden antisionistiset jutut ovat jo saaneet siellä kymmeniä tuhansia lukukertoja.



Who Rules The World?

The ”Anti-Semitic” Summary of World History

Part I: Theory


[First draft.]



Table of contents


Part I: Theory

1. Selfishness

2. The invisible hand

3. Regulatory and state capture

4. Banking capture

5. The modern ruling elite

6. The police state

7. Global capture with the petrodollar system

8. Exploitation theory of history

9. History of the ruling elite

10. The modern ruling elite


Part II: Microsummary of World History

1. White freedom

2. Fatal embrace

3. Money machine

4. U$rael

5. Limited nuclear war


Part III: Minisummary of World History

1. The Jews and the Germanic people

2. The Jewish dynasties

3. The Jewish-WASP money machine

4. The House of Rothschild

5. The World War against Russia

6. The War of Northern Aggression

7. The FED

8. The First World War

9. The WASP World Empire

10. The Second World War

11. The Rockefeller World Empire

12. The Zionist petrodollar system

13. The Thousand Year War against Russia










History does not speak by itself because the dots do not connect by themselves. Historical facts must be interpreted and connected with the help of a theory. A historian needs to understand the basics of many scientific theories from physics and biology to psychology to economics. For example, a historian who does not understand the basics of evolutionary psychology and economic laws is as incompetent as a historian who instead of physics and chemistry believes in magic and witches. Nowadays most historians are so superstitious, ignorant, socialist and politically correct that they refuse to understand and apply even the most basic scientific theories from biology to economics.


The good news is that understanding world history is not difficult. All a historian needs is some courage to apply basic scientific theories about human nature and interaction. Understanding the nature of human selfishness and the invisible hand gives the historian the basic tools to understand the big picture.


1. Selfishness

Throughout history there are two constants in human action: Purposeful behavior and selfishness. Evolutionary psychology explains why men usually try to maximize their power and reproductive success. The classic source is professor Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene.

Furthermore, geography and biology show that the three major races have developed in very different climatic environments: The northern ”ice people”, the southern ”jungle people” and the White people who developed in a more balanced fashion in the intermediate temperate climatic zone.


Link to Wikipedia



The three races are divided into hundreds of ethnic groups with different average intelligences and psychological traits. One of the highest IQs are among Askhenazi Jews and elite WASPs. Politically incorrect sources include professor Philippe Rushton, professor Richard Lynn, professor Tatu Vanhanen, professor Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Frank Salter, Dr. Edward Dutton and Steve Sailer.





2. The invisible hand

Originally man lived in a communist hunter-gather society but gradually developed private property rights and selfish individual market exchanges which gave rise to a much more productive agricultural society and then finally industrial society. Economic science shows how the modern industrial economy is such an extremely complex web of individual market exchanges that no person or a planning bureau can fully control, plan and direct it without destroying living standards and killing most people. Pure socialism is simply impossible. Only the market economy, i.e. free exchanges and the consequent price system can coordinate the economy as if by an invisible hand.


Nowadays most economists agree on the vital importance of the free price system though socialists and some postmodernists still try to downplay or ignore it. This is why the Nobel laureates Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman emphasized the importance of spontaneous processes. They also tried to popularize the invisible hand by recommending Leonard E. Read’s short story, I pencil.





3. Regulatory and state capture

The market economy creates a relatively efficient economy but free competition also creates winners and losers. Therefore businessmen have a tendency to limit competition by helping to create a monopoly of violence and law, i.e. the state and then use it to create business monopolies and cartels. However, these cannot totally eliminate competition. Therefore in a cartel economy there is a tendency to further limit competition with regulatory and then state capture and ultimately a world state. Monopolies and cartels turn the positive invisible hand of the free market into a negative invisible hand of the political market.


Business cartel theory is not very politically incorrect but only its further application to regulatory and state capture. Relatively moderate sources that study regulatory capture include Progressive historians such as professor Gabriel Kolko and Public Choice school economists such as Nobel laureate James M. Buchanan. The more radical sources that dare to study state capture can be found from the extreme left and right, i.e. the Marxist and Austrian schools. Especially professor Murray Rothbard from the Austrian school took the monopoly and cartel theories even further. He emphasized that replacing arbitration with the statist monopoly of violence and law automatically creates a mafia style ruling class and a cartel economy. State is just a mafia organization exploiting people with monopolies and cartels.


In his multi-volume book, Man, Economy and the State Rothbard deductively explains the laws of economics and politics in order to explain how the state turns the invisible hand from a positive into an exploitative negative hand.


Download the book



4. Banking capture

With the development of the market economy the monopoly of arbitration and law makes it possible for bankers to create extremely profitable bank cartels with fractional reserve banking. They are ”cartels on steroids” which can create money out of nothing. It is therefore relatively easy for the fractional reserve bankers to ”buy out the opposition” and achieve not only regulatory but also state capture.


The unstable nature of fractional reserve banking strengthens the negative invisible hand greatly because the bank cartel must protect itself from bank runs and competition by gradually expanding. First the regional cartel is expanded into a national cartel by creating a national central bank. Then the national cartel is gradually turned into an international banking cartel based on a global reserve currency and tax-payer financed international bank bailouts. This tendency to expand makes the fractional reserve banking system into a motor of modern statist centralization and globalism. It is in the interest of fractional reserve banks to lead a coalition of globalists to eradicate nationalism and localism not only with ever bigger economic (NAFTA, TPP, WTO, IMF), monetary (BIS, petrodollar, euro) and political unions (USA, EU) but also with open borders and cultural Marxism.


Again it is the Marxists and Austrians who have studied and even largely predicted this globalist process in detail. One of the most famous short summaries of banking cartel theory is presented in professor Murray Rothbard’s booklet What Has Government Done to Our Money?



Download the book



5. The modern ruling elite

The fractional reserve banks do not dare to create money out of nothing directly for themselves but instead loan it out and profit from the interest payments. However, they profit even more by selectively financing big business cartels. This creates a natural alliance between the bank cartels and the business cartels which then together capture the state. The bank-business cartel can then constantly manipulate the political process by financing state loans and bribing interest groups.


Capturing the modern state requires long-term centralized planning that forces the big banks and big businesses to create tighter networks and planning forums. However, cartels do not stop competition but only increase it between the cartel members by making it ”dog eat dog competition” over the capture of the state. In the long run those bank and business cartels come on top which are lead by aggressive, intelligent and cohesive groups such as aristocratic or banking-business dynasties backed by coalition of allied dynasties and ethnic, social and religious groups. The most famous Western examples are the Rothschilds (elite Jewish dynasties), the Windsors (elite British WASPs), the Morgans (elite American WASPs) and the Rockefellers (coalition of middle class White protestants centered around the Republican party).


During the age of the Robber Barons in America the rule of the dynasties was obvious. In 1911 McClure’s Magazine wrote about two competing coalitions of dynasties: J.P. Morgan allied with James Hill and George Baker and the Rockefellers allied with bankers James Stillman and Jacob Schiff. [Note 1.]


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The ruling elite of a modern nation is usually composed of a coalition of dynasties which all want the state to increase centralization and cartellization but often battle among themselves over the control of the state. For example, in America each dynasty wants their own ally or front man to be elected president. Since fights between the dynasties are often expensive and risky they usually manage to peacefully divide political power between themselves. For example, one dynasty controls the presidency while another dynasty controls the senate. If there is no agreement on power sharing then the consequence might be coup d’etat, assassination of the president or a civil war.


History is always written by victors so a detailed research of the ruling elite is highly dangerous for your career and freedom. The only honest historians are either bankrupt or in jail. Therefore it is again only the Marxists, Austrians and some independent researchers such as professor Carroll Quigley, professor Antony C. Sutton, Gary Allen, G. Edward Griffin and Eustace Mullins who have dared to study the Western ruling elite in any detail. [2] One of the most famous summary of the history of the modern ruling elite is presented in professor Murray Rothbard’s short book Wall Street, Banks and American Foreign Policy.[3] Unfortunately Rothbard’s narrative ends in the early 1980’s.



Download the book




6. The police state 

After achieving both regulatory and state capture the ruling elite tries to protect its power by turning the business mafia state into a complete police state. The police and the intelligence agencies are then used to control mass-media and create false consciousness with mass propaganda. Dissidents are suppressed with various means including character and physical assassinations organized by state sponsored terrorism and conspiracies.


The study of conspiracy theories is standard among historians but only when dealing with the distant past. Most historians simply refuse to study conspiracies of recent times not only because of political correctness but also because of insufficient official data. The study of conspiracies and revisionist history are therefore often left to amateur historians such as professor James Fetzer and Michael Collins Piper. They have shown how the biggest conspiracies are organized by government intelligence agencies supported and manipulated by the leading dynasties such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. The most famous example of these ”coalition conspiracies” is the assassination of president John F. Kennedy who would not submit to the ruling elite. This coalition assassination led by Israel is explained in detail by Michael Collins Piper in his book The Final Judgment.


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7. Global capture with the petrodollar system

The ruling dynasties of the nation fight over the control of the state but they are often united in expanding the power of their own state over other states. This can be achieved with military and financial imperialism. Here again the various national ruling elites can battle over spheres of interest or they can unite in creating a globalist ruling elite. The latter alternative is exactly what seems to have happened with the petrodollar system. By supporting the fractional reserve banking ”money machines” it serves the interest of all national ruling elites. However, the situation is made more complex by Zionism that wants to expand Israel. This conflict inside the ruling elite is partly defused by the fact that the petrodollar system is largely financing Israeli expansionism.




But the situation seems to be even more complicated. Each of the ruling dynasties have their own specific interests. This has led to a geopolitical deal where the petrodollar financed American imperialism (U$rael) tries to protect various dynastic interests at the same time with complicated deals:


1. Money machine, i.e. the fractional reserve banking system (All ruling dynasties)

2. Keep the price of oil relatively high (Rockefellers, Saudis, Putin’s Russia)

3. Destroy ”antisemites” and the enemies of Israel (Rothschilds) 

4. Protect the British monarchy, the British Union, the City of London and the British Commonwealth (Windsors)

5. Protect the Communist party, the unity of China and economic growth (Chinese ruling dynasties led by Xi Jinping)



These dynastic interests often conflict but can be partly defused with coalition deals and thus also coalition wars. For example, the Jewish elite led by the Rothschilds wanted to destroy Saddam Hussein’s Iraq because its strong army limited the expansion of Israel. The WASP elite led by the Rockefellers wanted to destroy Iraq because it was keeping the market price of oil relatively low by pumping more oil than its quota in the oil cartel. Furthermore, all other ruling dynasties wanted to also destroy Iraq because it threatened the petrodollar by agreeing to sell oil for other currencies. A similar coalition war deal also sealed the fate of Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya.


Sometimes the interests of the ruling dynasties are so conflicted that it is not possible to make a deal on a coalition war, coalition assasination or even a coalition run color revolution. For example, the Rothschilds also want to destroy Bashar al-Assad’s Syria because it is part of the Shia Crescent and thus a serious threat to Israel. However, it is not a major oil producer nor does it threaten the petrodollar system. It might be a threat to the Rothschilds but not to other dynasties which are reluctant to make Rothschilds even more powerful. Thus Rockefellers refused to destroy Syria though they did agree to steal the new East Syrian oilfields by supporting the Syrian Kurds.


The ruling elite dynasties all want to run their own national police-warfare states but occasionally disagree on their spheres of interest. However, they all support the petrodollar money machine system and the globalist banking-business cartel. They all aim to create a globalist police state where the ideas of the masses are controlled with censorship and mass-media while the movement and consumption of the masses are controlled with digital IDs and digital money.


Sources for the theory of business imperialism include Marxist and Austrian school economists and historians. Both see the Western (semi free/cartel) market economies as imperialist. The Marxists see capitalism as inherently imperialist while the Austrians refer to the paradox of imperialism: Only nations with relatively free markets have enough resources to create empires and ultimately become a global hegemon.


It is also easier for a relatively more free nation state to become the globalist hegemon because it is more skillful in gaining the support of the masses. For example, the more market oriented hegemon can pretend to be ”liberal” and create the illusion of democracy while at the same time buying out most of the opposition with its money machine. The rest of the internal and external opposition is then crushed with the police-warfare state, ”color revolutions”, military ”interventions”, false flags and assassinations. All the while parasitically taxing people of the world through many Ponzi schemes such as fractional reserve banking, forced reserve currency (petrodollar) and the global cartel economy run by the globalist multinational banks and companies. Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe from the Radical Austrian School has in detail explained the Paradox of Imperialism.


Read online



8. The exploitation theory of history

From both Marxian and Austrian school perspective historians must study the free and harmonious interactions of individuals which are parasitically sabotaged by states and cartel economies led by dynastic coalitions. History is a battle between freedom and exploitation. Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe notes that both the Marxist and Austrian theory of history are basically correct though their methodologies are almost mirror images.


Read online




9. History of the ruling elite

Economic and political science shows how history is almost automatically directed by either a positive or a negative invisible hand. This is why history might seem like a result of a super conspiracy directed by the Illuminati, The Elders of Zion or the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG). However, the negative invisible hand is unnatural and therefore much less automatic. It needs constant pushing and directing by a power-hungry ruling elite that has achieved state capture, control of the money machine and built an empire. It is such an enormous task that empires can only be created by aggressive high IQ nations led by dynastic coalitions. This cannot be done in secret.


By studying the leading dynasties it is easy to see who rule the world. In his many books professor Rothbard wrote sporadically about the development of the ruling elite from the antiquity to the modern times. These passages have been organized chronologically into a separate article. [Note 4]


Link to Webarchive




10. The history of the modern ruling elite

The dynastic nature of history has been quite clear especially in the monarchical age. So only one question remains: Has modern democracy changed the dynamics of history or are dynasties still ruling the world? If they are, who then really rules the world nowadays? Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Windsors or some other dynastic power with access to the money machine?


The answer might be surprisingly simple if we just look at historical facts and dare to follow genes and money. This does not even require any new pieces of information. It’s all so obvious. The pieces of the puzzle fall into place once you dare to look at the Jews critically. Here are two summaries. First micro-summary that is only two pages long. Then a mini-summary that is a few pages long. [Note z]


Continued in part II: Microsummary of World History


Who Rules The World? The “Anti-Semitic” Summary of World History. Part II: Microsummary



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    Ei ole olemassa mitään muuta syytä toimettomuudelle kuin tekosyy.

    (olkaa tarkkoina ettei poliisi ja viranomaiset pääse soluttautumaan, ja viestiliikenteen on oltava turvallista)

    1. Tärkeää on soluttautua oikeuslaitokseen, mediaan, puolueisiin, poliisiin, armeijaan, pankkitoimintaan, lääketehtaisiin, yliopistoihin, sairaaloihin jne. Kaikkeen muualle, mutta ei suorittavien portaisiin.


    Suomen alueella asuvat kansat ovat täysin amerikkalaistuneet ja luopuneet itsenäisyydestään päättää omista asioista.

    Hienoa analyysiä taas Partisaanilta. Ja vielä ihmetellään miksi kansa ei herää. Ei voi herätä, kun suomalaisuutta arvostavia on vain noin 1 % asukkaista. Muut 99% ovat täysin globalisteja, joiden äidinkieli on käytännössä englanti. Ei ihme, kun viihdepaskaa seurataan englannin kielellä ja yliopistoissa ei saa opiskella suomen kielellä.

    Suomalaisuus ja suomen kieli ovat keinoja vastustaa kapitalistien mädätystä.

    1. Se joka tietää enemmän voi syventyä vuosiksi tutkimaan näitä asioita. Meillä on kuitenkin aivan riittävästi tietoa jotta osaamme toimia ja kohdistaa toimintamme oikein.

  13. Central Bank Digital Currencies: Funny Money That Will Destroy What’s Left Of Private Property, Free Markets, & Personal Liberty

    If governments and central banks control the creation, distribution, and exchange of virtual money, whatever remains of free markets will disappear. If governments and central banks monitor every transaction between consumers and producers, then all industries will be subjugated to the centralized command of the State. If governments and central banks assert the legal power to determine who may store value, how much value may be personally stored, and how long that value will be permitted to last, then whatever remains of private property will cease to exist. If governments and central banks maintain a digital monopoly over the only legalized forms of money, then they may redistribute wealth or penalize personal behavior without regard for individual rights or limits to their control.

    The same surveillance systems and social credit scores that are already pervasive in communist China will invariably become pervasive throughout the formerly free West, as well.

    No doubt propaganda campaigns will cloak this oppressive monitoring in the West’s own ”politically correct” language of fighting ”hate” or ”racism” or ”climate change” or the next COVID-like scare, but the West’s system of control over its citizens will be no different from the Chinese communist version: Individuals will have their digital wealth confiscated or replenished according to whether their behavior conforms to the strictures of the State. Free markets, free will, free speech, and even free thoughts will be regulated just as easily as central banks regulate each citizen’s digital wealth. In effect, the implementation of CBDCs will give Western governments the ultimate monopoly over every life within their dominion.

    ORJAVALTIO ON JO NURKAN TAKANA. Typerä äänestäjä liiskataan kuin kärpänen. Digitaalinen Suomi Gulag häämöttää. Lampaat teurastetaan.

    Kaksijalkainen suomalainen tähän: mutta kun se on edistystä, ja TV uutisissa sanottiin että näin tapahtuu, uusi hallitus on nyt veronmaksajan puolella ja tämä tekee arjen helpommaksi. Kaikki on yhdellä mikrosirulla.

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