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Who Rules The World? ZOG or U$rael? The ”Anti-Semitic” Summary of World History. Part I: Theory



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World History



1. White freedom

In the temperate climate zone of Europe evolutionary pressures gave the Whites and especially the Germanic people a relatively rationalist and individualist nature. This made it natural for them to create free societies based on arbitration, private property and the free market. This can be seen especially in the histories of such virgin land nations as Ireland, Iceland and America. However, military conquerors and businessmen together managed to limit freedom by creating a monopoly of arbitration, i.e. a state. The best example of this historical process is the history of Iceland.



2. Fatal embrace

The state created a cartel economy that not only financed the ruling elite but also could be captured by an ethnocentric diaspora nation. It was only a matter of time before Jewish diaspora businessmen entered Europe and offered rulers money in exchange for monopoly and cartel privileges. For example, the Jewish businessmen obtained monopolies and cartels in slave trade, tax collecting, manufacture, banking, export and import business, wheat milling and alcohol trade. This Jewish support for the state and cartels greatly strengthened the negative invisible hand.


The Jewish fatal embrace of the state made the elite Jews a hostile elite. They became much richer than the Gentiles but their lives also became highly dangerous. There was always the danger that not only the exploited Gentile masses would raise but also the state would turn against the Jews and confiscate all their property. This forced the Jewish elite to become experts in manipulating the state and extracting the maximum amount of monopoly profits. These could then be used to play the white nations against each other and further increase monopolies and cartels.


It took over 1000 years but by the late Middle Ages the Jewish elite had helped to turn the highly religious decentralist Europe into a more secular statist Europe. The price of the fatal embrace was increasing antisemitism and sporadic White backlashes with pogroms and expulsions of the Jews. The fatal embrace has continued to this day as the Jewish professor Benjamin Ginsberg has explained in his book The Fatal Embrace. Jews and the State.


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3. Money machine

Almost always the pogroms only affected the poor Jews. So the Jewish elite doubled down on the fatal embrace. Finally in 1694 together with the WASP elite and especially with the help of the autonomous City of London the Jewish elite manged to create a money machine, the Bank of England in the City of London.


The money machine could now finance the expansion of the Rothschild led Jewish banking-business network that dominated Western banking and economy. However, that was not enough and so the elite Jewish also financed and supported British imperialism. The Jews especially wanted Britain and other colonial powers to invade Persia, India and China where the Jews had significant business interests but had not managed to become part of the ruling elite. When China still resisted colonialism the Rothschilds together with the Jewish Kadoories and Sassoons pushed the British empire to attack and submit China in the Opium Wars.


Gaining control of America was much more difficult because of the independent and freedom mindedness of the Americans. Only by organizing a deal between the Morgans, Rockefellers and the Rothschild fronts, the Warburgs and Schiffs was it possible to organize a dynastic deal and create the FED in 1914.





Together the Bank of England and the FED helped finance the world wars and destroy the German, Russian, Ottoman and Japanese empires and create the Anglo-American global hegemony. The Jews could now help rule the world from both the Jewish dominated (autonomous) City of London and the New (Jew) York.





4. U$rael

The elite Jews had helped the Morgans and the Rockefellers to attain world hegemony during the Second World War. However, the elite Jews were still the junior partners in the ruling elite. This was not enough for them so the Rothschilds helped create Israel in 1948 while at the same time kept weakening the Whites with Cultural Marxism. Finally in the 1970s the Jewish elite managed to become equal partners in the ruling elite by helping to create U$rael. In other words, a deal between the Morgans, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Saudis in creating a truly global money machine, the paper petrodollar system. An important role in this was played by the Jewish chairman of the FED, Arthur Burns and his protege, the Jewish Nobel laureate in economics, Milton Friedman.



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Over 300 years the Bank of England, over 100 years the FED and over 50 years the petrodollar system have financed both the British and the American empires. No wonder they have waged many coalition wars in behalf of the Rothschilds (Jewish elite), Morgans (WASP elite) and the Rockefellers (American White middle class).





Starting from the 1930’s the master mind of the Rockefeller dynasty, David Rockefeller functioned as a peace maker between the dynasties. His aim was to create a unified ruling elite by encouraging alliances and marriages between the ruling dynasties. Naturally the Jews did not participate in this much but especially the American WASP elite led by the Morgans practically united with the Rockefellers. Finally on the eve of the new millennium in 2000 the Morgan flagship bank J.P. Morgan fused with David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan bank forming world’s largest bank by capitalization, JPMorgan Chase bank.

Now there were only two senior dynasties in the ruling elite: The Rothschilds leading the Jewish dynasties and the Rockefellers leading the White dynasties. The patriarchs Jacob Rothschild and David Rockefeller together practically ruled the world in partnership. [Note X]


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The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are constantly afraid that they will loose their power. This is why they are possibly blackmailing the leading politicians, businessmen and celebrities with various means including pedophilia and even satanism. After all, it is difficult to blackmail with anything else since adultery and various perversions are nowadays matters of pride. Especially the Rothschild run Israeli intelligence service, Mossad is specialized in running extensive pedorings. It might even be that these pedorings are used to create trust and peace between the ruling elite dynasties. If the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers both possess incriminating evidence on each other and other dynasties then it is relatively easy to create a unified global ruling elite.


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5. Limited nuclear war

After the 2017 death of the patriarch of the Rockefeller dynasty, David Rockefeller the Rothschilds seem to have raised the stakes again. Now they want to rule the ruling elite. Naturally the more ethnocentric nations like Russia, China, India, Iran and Turkiye do not want completely submit to the Zionist World Order. So now Israel and the Rothschilds are again doubling down by pushing their proxies, USA and NATO countries to break up again the leading ”trouble makers”, Russia and China with color revolutions.


The Rockefellers have gone along because they have been happy to limit competition from the Chinese high tech companies and the Russian energy companies. The Ukraine War even allowed the blowing up of the Nordstream pipe line and capturing the European market by American and British energy companies. In this sense the Ukraine War is also a coalition war though the Rothschilds and other Jews seem to want go further in their warmongering than the other ruling dynasties.


In fact, the Jewish elite seems to be ready to raise the stakes by pushing their proxy countries Ukraine, Finland and Taiwan to provoke Russia and China into a limited nuclear war with USA and Nato. The nuclear fallout might not seriously damage far away Israel but it could finally destroy or at least weaken the ”antisemitic” Russia and China enough to ensure Zionist world hegemony.


The Rockefellers do not seem to want a limited nuclear was in Europe and have been limiting the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. This indicates that U$rael has not yet been supplanted by the ZOG.



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History is largely determined by genes and money. The present enormous global power of the Jewish elite was almost inevitable because of the low ethnocentrism of the Germanic people. Monopoly of arbitration lead to a cartel economy which was then captured by hostile Jewish elite. The economic and soon political hegemony of the Jewish elite was only a matter of time. Continually raising the stakes was also inevitable since the Jewish elite rules by proxy. If you could destroy your enemies by proxy and never have to even face any criticism would you not also use ever more violent means to destroy your enemies? Now we are literally approaching the end of history if the Zionists manage to start a nuclear war.


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To be continued in part 3: Minisummary.










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  2. Racially mixed british and american were a real water shed to normal and healthy nations, as these parasites could reproduce quickly in easy enviroments from backs of other people and their work. Food was literally dropping into mouths of these lazy and sick thieves, slave owners and drug traders, that gave and still give them fat living standards. They only have to be arrogant and criminal and money and work effort will be ripped off from backs of people who do their work. This is their secret.

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