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World History


1. The Germanic people and the Jews

For some ethnic groups it is easier to create and manipulate civilizations because of their higher average IQ, creativity, aggressiveness, ethnocentrism and other useful psychological traits. Two such ethnic groups are the Whites and the Jews. Both have had a major impact on the rise of Western civilization and globalism. Interestingly, both are very talented but in very different ways. In fact, professor Kevin MacDonald has pointed out that relatively speaking they are sort of a mirror image.


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Not all Whites and Jews are alike. Both have leading subgroups. Whites are led by Germanic people such as the WASPs. Jews are led by the Ashkenazi Jews who are clearly more aggressive than the Sephardi Jews.


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2. The Jewish ruling dynasties

Ethnic groups are often led by a coalition of dynasties. Already during the classical antiquity the Jews were led by their rabbinic dynasties. The rabbis functioned as both religious and business leaders and thereby became very powerful. They practiced eugenics and combined genetic, religious, economic and political power by submitting the regular Jews under a theocratic tyranny.


During the Babylonian captivity c. 600 BC the Jews learned to live and thrive on foreign lands by creating a highly cohesive group strategy where the power was concentrated in the hands of tyrannical rabbinic dynasties. This allowed the Jews to act as a group and stay separate from the gentiles in the diaspora. The rabbis also institutionalized double standards by outlawing economic exploitation between Jews but not between Jews and Gentiles. Henceforth when mentioning the Jews it is a reference to this Jewish ruling elite composed of rabbis and leading Jewish politicians and businessmen.


In the Middle Ages the Jewish ruling elite managed to make alliances with most European kings and rulers by offering them money in exchange for business monopolies and cartels in slave trading, tax collecting, banking, wheat milling, alcohol trade and many other businesses. This helps to explain why after the fall of the Roman Empire the highly decentralist Christian West gradually developed powerful states and kings. Virtually each Christian king had his Court Jew, the Hofjude.


This role of the Jews in creating secularism and the statist cartel economy has largely been covered-up by economists and historians. This is obvious with the Jewish dominated Marxists but even the most libertarian pro-market historians and economists of the Austrian school have joined in the cover-up. Perhaps one reason for this is that many of those libertarian historians and economists were and are Jews themselves.




3. The Church vs. The Jews

Even standard official history shows how during the Middle Ages the Jews controlled banking and often helped the Muslims to attack the West. Now wonder then that The Holy Roman Empire and especially the Catholic Church together with the Templars did try to limit the power of the Jews. The Church encouraged the expulsion of the Jews from many Western countries though the kings usually allowed them to return after a few years in exchange of bribes and taxes.


The Church also helped to organize the Crusades that were directed against both the Muslims and their close allies, the Jews. This increased the power of the Church even more thus creating a balance of power between the Popes, Emperors and local rulers. The result was relatively weak states and low taxes which created the cultural and economic miracle of Europe in the 1200’s.


In the 1300’s the Jews countered by helping to strengthen especially the French kings who managed to subjugate the popes in the ”Babylonian captivity”. This greatly increased the power of the states to wage war and raise taxes and cartels. Naturally this in turn helped to create the Black Death. It was in the interest of the Jews to help turn the highly religious and freedom loving decentralist Europe into its exact opposite: Politically centralized states with relatively secular governments.


The Jews kept attacking Europe from both inside and outside by allying themselves with Christian dissidents and the new Muslim Ottoman Empire. This helped weaken not only the Byzantine, Spanish, and Holy German Empires but also the Catholic Church. However, soon the Church started Counter-Reformation and with the leadership of strong popes it again became a strong force. The Church and the Holy Roman Empire now turned against both the Jews and the Muslims. The Jewish supported Ottoman Empire was stopped in the Battle of Vienna in 1683.





4. The Jewish-WASP money machine

In the end the Jews did help manage to totally destroy the ”anti-Semitic” Byzantine Empire but not the Holy German Empire and the Spanish Empire which instead became even more ”anti-Semitic” and ”anti-Muslim”. However, this did not matter because in the meantime the Jews had created new powerful Protestant allies, Netherlands and Britain. With the help of Jewish money and support they soon became the greatest maritime powers.


In the Netherlands the Jews had the freedom to trade but the anti-war republican Dutch States party was reluctant to finance ever more wars against the Catholics. Even worse for the Jews, the Bank of Amsterdam refused to create a fractional reserve banking system that would finance both the wars and the Jewish ruling class. Thus the Jews helped their ally, the Prince of Orange to murder the leaders of the States party, Johan and Cornelis de Witt. The mob was incited to literally butcher and eat them.



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After the Jews had helped the prince of Orange to consolidate his power in the Netherlands he invaded Britain where the Celtic/Catholic/monarchical and Germanic/Protestant/Parliamentary elements were fighting over power. The 1688 invasion succeeded and in this misnamed Glorious Revolution Jews and the House of Orange helped WASP dynasties led by the House of Churchill and the House of Hanover become the rulers of Britain. Together they subjugated the freedom loving Catholic Celts and almost genocided the Irish. The Scottish Celtic Catholic clan MacDonald was made into an example in the Massacre of Glencoe.





With the support of the British WASP elite and especially the autonomous City of London the Jewish bankers managed to develop the first large-scale fractional reserve banking system by creating the Bank of England in the City in 1694. The Jews had finally managed to create the world’s first true money machine that created money out of thin air.


The money machine also made it possible to create a strong market for government debt and thus finance the development of the philo-Semitic British empire. Both the royal House of Hannover/Windsor and the City of London have maintained their alliance with the Jews throughout the centuries up to the present day. The Square Mile as the City is also called still enjoys autonomy and many outrageous special privileges to the present day.


5. USA

The Jewish banking dynasties were now at the heart of the British empire. However, they were still only the junior members of the British ruling elite. In 1753 the Jews tried to push through the Jewish Naturalization Act but the British people and much of the conservative ruling classes refused to give Jews political equality. Even worse, the British also threatened Jewish business interests by starting to turn against slavery and the slave trade. Thus with the help of the relatively philo-Semitic Freemasons many Jewish businessmen encouraged and largely financed the American revolution.


The American Revolution not only gave the Jews political equality and supported Jewish slave business but also greatly increased taxes, cartels and money printing. The increased inflation and taxes pushed many desperate American farmers and businessmen to start the Shay’s Rebellion. Thousands or people rose against tax-collectors especially in Massachusetts.


Link to Wikipedia entry on Shays’ Rebellion



Especially the Jews got scared by the unruly tax rebellion and in 1787-89 helped their part-Jewish front-man, Alexander Hamilton to crush the relatively freedom loving Articles of Confederation with a coup d’état.


Link to Jewish Chronicle



With the leadership of Alexander Hamilton a small Jewish supported unrepresentative business and political elite created a new constitution and a centralist American Federation, USA. It not only made possible even higher taxes, tariffs and cartels but also a strong central bank, foreign wars, subjugation of Indians and the continuation of slavery.


The statist and imperialist nature of the USA has been largely downplayed by historians to the extent that hardly anyone has even heard about the original Articles of Confederation. Fortunately professor Murray Rothbard has explained in detail how the confederate ASA (The Allied States of America) was turned into a federalist USA (United States of America). [Note]


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6. The Rothschilds

The Jews had encouraged the king of France, Louis XVI to support the American revolution militarily but this almost bankrupted the French state. This gave the Jews a golden opportunity to encourage the French Freemasons led by the Duke of Orleans to start the French revolution. The Jews soon gained political equality not only in France but soon also in many other countries invaded by the French revolutionary armies.


Napoleon was first allied with the Jews. However, Napoleon soon realized that Jews were not interested in assimilation and true equality. He gradually turned against the Jews and then 1808 strongly limited Jewish monopolistic activities with the so called Infamous decree. Soon Jews were united against Napoleon and with the help of the Jewish Rothschild banking dynasty financed the triumphant anti-Napoleonic alliance.



Link to Haaretz



After the Napoleonic Wars the power of the Rothschilds grew every decade and they became the bankers of almost all major nations of Europe. However, this also created a perverse system where the Rothschilds often financed both sides of the war. Naturally this also gave them huge leverage. The Rothschilds could now almost openly play European nations against each other in order to further increase the power of the Jews.


All this power also made the Rothschilds the king of the Jews. However, they never dared to oppose the power of the rabbis. Rothschilds stayed very orthodox and intermarried with the leading Jewish rabbinic and business dynasties. This soon created a highly cohesive Jewish ruling elite that was closely allied with the City and the British empire.




With the help of Britain the Jews now dared to support even more revolutions across Europe. On the one hand they manipulated the middle classes by supporting liberal revolutions. On the other hand they also manipulated the working classes by supporting socialist revolutionaries. This is also why they supported their close relative Karl Marx. No wonder Marx never really attacked the biggest bankers, the Rothschilds. This obvious ideological and family connection between the Rothschilds and Marx has been covered up by historians.




7. Destroying ”anti-Semitic” Empires

After destroying the Napoleonic Empire the British and the Jews were powerful enough to turn against all other ”anti-Semitic” empires. The first target was the Spanish Empire which was destroyed by financing and helping rebellions in Latin America. The next target was China when the Rothschilds together with the Jewish Kadoories and Sassoons pushed the British empire to attack and submit China in the outrageous Opium Wars.


The two remaining ”anti-Semitic” empires, Austria and Russia were still so powerful that they merely had to be ”contained” with the old Jewish ally, the Ottoman Empire. Naturally this created the paradoxical phenomenon that the devoutly Christian British Empire strongly supported a Muslim Empire that was literally enslaving and massacring Christians. The British front-men of the Jews tried to explain this paradox with classical power politics but did not explain why not solve the Eastern Question with a dozen new independent Christian nation states carved up from the Ottoman Empire? Of course, the real answer was that it would have made it more difficult to attack and break up both Austria and Russia.


The outrageous double standard was especially evident in the fact that the British opposed slavery everywhere except in the Ottoman and Brazilian Empires despite both of them having an extensive slave economy. Slavery remained legal in Brazil until 1888 and in Ottoman Empire well into the 1900s. Both empires were financed by the Rothschilds and closely allied with Britain.


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It was relatively easy to break-up and weaken the Spanish and the Chinese empires but the Austrian and Russian empires were too powerful to destroy or even ”contain” them especially if they remained allies. However, it was still possible to destroy Austria, Russia and many other ”anti-Semitic” kingdoms from the inside. The British and the Rothschilds supported various revolutionaries and even helped organize the revolutionary Mad Year of 1848. However, most of the liberal and socialist revolutions failed because the monarchs such as the arch-conservative Austrian emperor Franz Joseph were saved by the mighty army of the Russian Tsar.


Rothschilds countered in several ways. First, they supported various Jewish-led revolutionary terrorist organizations within Russia. Second, the Rothschilds pushed Britain and other countries to support the Muslim Ottoman empire against Russia. This then helped the Rothschilds to organize a grand alliance against Russia that in 1853 resulted in the Crimean War.


Mikhail Pogodin, a professor at Moscow University noted the Western double standard in his 1853 memorandum to the Czar Nicholas:


France takes Algeria from Turkey, and almost every year England annexes another Indian principality: none of this disturbs the balance of power; but when Russia occupies Moldavia and Wallachia, albeit only temporarily, that disturbs the balance of power. France occupies Rome and stays there several years during peacetime: that is nothing; but Russia only thinks of occupying Constantinople, and the peace of Europe is threatened.

The English declare war on the Chinese, who have, it seems, offended them: no one has the right to intervene; but Russia is obliged to ask Europe for permission if it quarrels with its neighbor. England threatens Greece to support the false claims of a miserable Jew and burns its fleet: that is a lawful action; but Russia demands a treaty to protect millions of Christians, and that is deemed to strengthen its position in the East at the expense of the balance of power.

We can expect nothing from the West but blind hatred and malice, which does not understand and does not want to understand.


Tsar Nicholas enthusiastically underlined the memorandum in several places. He also approvingly commented in the margin of the page, “That is the whole point.” [Note 9]


Nicholas realised the danger but he also believed that the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph whom he had saved a few years before in 1848 would come to Russia’s aid. However, Rothschilds managed to manipulate Franz Joseph to stay neutral during the Crimean War. Now alone against a grand alliance Nicholas I  died and his son Alexander II was forced to sue for peace and accept a humiliating peace treaty.


8. Unification of Germany and Italy

Soon after the Crimean War Alexander II got his revenge by not helping Franz Joseph when Rothschild fronts such as the Bleichröders helped Otto Bismarck and Camillo Cavour to attack the Austrian Empire and organize the unification of Germany and Italy that was completed in 1871. The Rothschilds agreed to save Austria from dismemberment after Franz Joseph totally capitulated and gave the Jews a free hand to turn Vienna and especially its central district Ringstrasse into ”The New Jerusalem”.


Franz Joseph’s betrayal of Nicholas in the Crimean War was thus the defining moment of history by breaking the old balance of power and raising the power of the Jews to a whole new level. All the pieces on the chess board were now where the Rothschilds wanted them. They hoped to push Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria and the Ottoman Empire to surround, attack and dismember Russia. However, the German Emperor Wilhelm I and his prime minister Otto Bismarck were distrustful of the Jews and refused to help attack Russia.


The Rothschilds had to wait that the old German emperor, Wilhelm I would die and his highly philo-Semitic son would become the new emperor. However, Wilhelm I lived to the ripe age of 92 and his son died almost immediately after being crowned the new emperor Frederick III in 1888. Jews did manage to push his son, Wilhelm II to break relations with Russia and fire Bismarck but while Russo-phobic Wilhelm II was also highly anti-Semitic and thus not enthusiastic in starting a war against Russia for the benefit of the Jews and the British. The first world war had to wait.


9. The War of Northern Aggression

The Jews had helped to create the USA but the Jeffersonian-Jacksonian libertarian anti-bank movement made it very difficult for the Rothschilds to dominate the American economy. Andrew Jackson even managed to pay off the government debt and kill the Rothschild financed central bank of America.


Link to the Federalist blogspot



The Rothschilds countered in 1861 when their Jewish front-man, the chairman of the National Democratic committee, August Belmont helped create the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War). Belmont not only surprisingly sided with the North but also helped many crucial border states to side with the North. Belmont even financed and personally helped organize many revolutionary and socialist Forty-Eighter refugees into Union Army’s first predominantly German-American regiment.


The Rothschilds also had their man in the South, Jewish senator Judah B. Benjamin. During the war he became the right hand man of the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. Benjamin soon became the Secretary of War and then Secretary of the State when he tried to plead the Rothschilds and the British to actively support the South.


The Rothchilds were now again in sweet spot where they could determine the outcome of the war. The idea of the Rothschilds was probably to create a stronger and even more centralized USA with a slave economy in the South and a cartel economy in the North. From Jewish perspective things were going as planned since both the South and the North kept centralizing and indepting their nations to the Jews.


But then president Lincoln did something unexpected: He allied the North with the Russian empire. This was a political master-stroke because it made it too risky for the British and the French to join the war on the side of the South.


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Rothschilds soon realized that the South could not win and a stalemate was also out of the question. However, Rothschilds were not concerned because Belmont had amassed lot of power in the North and his ally, George McClellan was favored to win the 1864 presidential election. But Lincoln surprised everybody again and managed to win the tight election.


Rothschilds were worried because Lincoln was becoming ever more independent-minded and had some dangerous ideas. First, he kept dreaming of by-passing the bankers by printing ever more government-backed paper money, the Greenbacks. Second, Lincoln also dreamed of creating a mono-cultural white America by sending blacks back to Africa. Naturally the Jews feared they might be next in line.


Clearly Lincoln had wandered off the reservation and even allied with the Russians so now he and his closest men had to go. The Rothschilds and August Belmont might even have run the assassination conspiracy but they certainly were not opposed to it. Despite this the conspiracy succeeded only partly. The conspirators managed to kill only Lincoln but not his vice-president Johnson. This led to the polarization of American politics where both Democrats and Republicans became very nationalistic and difficult to control by the Rothschilds.


10. The FED

The Rothschilds had great difficulties in controlling America because the civil war had not only further polarized politics but also increased tariffs thereby creating cartellistic business dynasties. Even worse, the British and the American elite WASPs supported the waspish House of Morgan which gradually started dominating the American economy and politics.


The Rothschilds countered by sending their front-man Jacob Schiff to America where he took over the Forty-Eighter, Kuhn-Loeb banking house and created a leading Jewish business dynasty. [Note 8] However, this led to many business wars between the Houses of Morgan and Schiff. The Morgans were so powerful that Schiff had to ally with the new Republican House of Rockefeller that gathered under its wing a sort of coalition of outsiders from Catholic to Mormon dynasties. In fact, much of Rockefeller power was based on well organized dynastic alliances sealed with marriages. This is also how the Bush family became a front of the Rockefeller dynasty.





The three American houses battled against each other for decades in shifting alliances. In The Railroad War the Rothschilds/Schiffs and the Rockefellers were allied against the Morgan supported railways but in the Oil War the Rothschilds/Schiffs and Morgans were allied against the Rockefellers. However, at the same time all the Houses were united in supporting Progressivism and using it to achieve regulatory capture, i.e. supporting the creation of progressive regulations in order to limit competition from new upstart companies. The Houses then divided among themselves the leading positions in those regulatory agencies.


The three houses also led the progressivist anti-trust movement but fought over the control over the anti-trust legislation. The Morgans wanted to break-up Rockefeller oil trusts and the Rockefellers wanted to break up Morgan banking, steel and utilities trusts. Naturally the Morgans, the Rockefellers and the Schiffs wanted their own front man to become president. All tried to control and manipulate both the Republican and the Democratic party. Usually that meant that only those presidential candidates could win the party primaries who had connections to all camps, took vice-presidential candidate from the other camp and divided cabinet positions among the camps.


The Jews realized that they were not strong enough to alone dominate America and so favored coalition politics. However, the Morgans and the Rockefellers wanted total power and often fought over the presidency. The Rockefellers had an advantage since they largely controlled the nationally more dominant Republican party. John D. Rockefeller’s childhood friend and close front man, Mark Hanna had even managed to become the chairman of the National Republican Committee. In 1896 Hanna was William McKinley’s campaign manager and helped him win the presidential election. McKinley defended the Rockefeller trusts and in Spanish-American War of 1898 extended Rockefeller power both to the Caribbean and Asia by annexing Cuba, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines.


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In the 1900 presidential elections Morgans had become so powerful in the Republican party that McKinley had to take a Morgan man, Theodore Roosevelt as his vice presidential candidate. McKinley won a re-election but was soon suspiciously assassinated and Roosevelt became the president. Almost immediately he started to go after the Rockefeller trusts while leaving the Morgan trusts mostly in peace. In fact, Roosevelt helped the Morgan steel trust to grow even bigger. He also greatly improved the relationship between America and the British empire while stabbing America’s old ally, Russia in the back.



Link to American History



The Rockefellers countered in 1908 by making their front man, William Howard Taft president who then proceeded to go after the Morgan trusts. The Morgans countered in 1912 by helping Roosevelt break the Republican party with his new Progressive party and thus guaranteeing that the Morgan supported Democratic presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson was elected president.


Despite all this infighting the three ruling houses were united in their drive to create a central bank, the Federal Reserve. This was done in 1913 after it was agreed to divide the FED board seats between the three Houses. The FED then protected the banks owned by the three Houses and allowed the further cartellization of the economy in the name of ”efficiency”. All the while the clueless masses believed that the progressive politicians and the government were fighting against the trusts.


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11. The First World War

In the latter half of the 1800’s Rothschilds and Schiffs gradually managed to break up the alliance between USA and Russia and internationally isolate Russia. However, the Rothschilds could not stop the rise of nationalism in France because it had lost Elsass-Lothringen to Germany in 1871. The enraged French decided to gain revenge by allying with Russia. This alliance also led to the Dreyfuss affair in France over the loyalty of French Jews who naturally opposed the alliance.





The Rothschilds countered by supporting both Germany and Austria which were becoming ever more philo-semitic and kept the ”anti-Semitic” Prussian and Balkan Slavs in subjugation. This alliance between Jews and Germanic powers enraged the British WASPs who hated the rising power of Germany especially since it had almost sided with the Boers in the 1899-1902 Boer War. The German colonial policy had also disrupted the building of Cairo – Cape Town railroad that was the life dream of imperialist Cecil Rhodes and his right-hand man, Lord Alfred Milner. Much of the British WASP elite gathered around Rhodes and Milner to the extent that after the death of Rhodes in 1902 the group became known as the Milner’s Kindergarten.


Punch Magazine. December 10, 1892, p. 266. Link to



The WASPS hated the Germans but they still did not want to join forces with Russia because it threatened India in the Great Game. Thus Britain first weakened Russia during Russo-Japanese War 1904-5 by supporting Japan. Only after Russia agreed to a humiliating peace and stopped its expansion in Asia did Britain de facto join the Entente alliance with France and Russia in 1907.


The Rothschild led Jews countered in two ways. First, they stopped Britain from forming an official de jure military alliance with France and Russia. Second, they encouraged Germany and Austria to start a war against France and Russia. The sooner the better because Russia was getting stronger by the year with its economic and population boom. Moreover, after the Moroccan Crisis it was becoming ever more difficult to keep Britain from officially joining the Entente.


The Jews and Germanic militarists feared that time was running out and therefore encouraged Austria and Germany to behave ever more provocatively. First, they all increased their support for highly aggressive revolutionary groups in Russia which managed to assassinate many high ranking aristocrats and ministers. Second, Germany aggressively kept down the French in the annexed Elsass-Lothringen and the Slavs in the annexed parts of East-Prussia. Austria in turn kept the Slavs in subjugation in the Balkans and in 1909 provocatively annex Bosnia despite it having a Slav majority.


But despite these provocations Russia would still not go to war. Then the Jews and the Germanic militarists together organized or at least facilitated the 1914 assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand who wanted peace with the Slavs and the Tsar. The assassination also offered an excuse to attack the Russian Slav ally, Serbia and start the world war.


The Jewish-German master plan was to keep Britain neutral while Germany would first defeat France quickly with the Schlieffen Plan in the west and then attack Russia and topple the Czar. However, the WASPs led by the Milner Group and Winston Churchill managed to take Britain on the side of France. The result was the horrific First World War.


12. The Deal of the Century

By 1916 both sides understood that the war had entered into a stalemate. However, just as peace was breaking out the Rothschilds presented the Entente powers a deal of the century: The Jews would use their media and political power to bring the USA on the side of the Entente IF they would:


1. Continue the war

2. Topple the Czar and make Russia into a republic

3. Promise to help Jews obtain a homeland in Palestine despite it being controlled by the Ottoman Empire


Ingeniously, the Rothschilds played both sides since the leading German generals, Hindenburg and Luddendorff did not much mind the deal. After all, they welcomed the western help in toppling the Tsar. Germans also believed that after the Tsar was toppled the Russian army could be defeated. Then Germany could next defeat France before Americans could arrive in significant numbers. The Germans needed the help of the Jews and Entente to topple the Czar and therefore also stopped their own allies, the increasingly ”anti-Semitic” Ottomans from kicking Jews out of Palestine.


In this way the Rothschilds would win no matter which side won the war. In either case the Tsar would be toppled and Jews in Palestine protected. Furthermore, since the Rothschilds and allied banking houses such as the Warburgs were financing both sides of the World War they could be confident in getting their money back with interest. The Rothschild banking interests would be the guaranteed winners of the World War.


The deal was made and the war continued for two more years. Both the increasingly ”anti-Semitic” Russian and Ottoman empires were not only totally defeated but also dismembered. In the Versailles Peace Concert Jews were negotiating on both sides to increase Jewish power. So the Jews gained a dominating position in both Weimar Germany and Soviet Russia. The Jews also finally obtained their homeland in Palestine though under British rule. The Jews had won the First World War.


13. The swinging 20’s

The Jews had won the First World War in the sense that they managed to increase their power but the ultimate victors were the WASP on both sides of the Atlantic. The WASP could now rule the world both militarily and especially financially by forcing all other countries on a semi-gold standard. The idea was to keep the dollar and the pound partially tied to gold bullion but then force all other countries to tie their currencies to dollars and pounds. In other words, all other central banks were forced to keep their reserves not in gold but in dollars and pounds and then print their currencies on top of them. This created extra demand for dollars and pounds making it possible to print them even more. The WASP finally had their global money machine!


The quintessential WASP, Winston Churchill became secretary of British treasury and took the pound back to (semi) gold standard. However, in order to retain the prestige and economic power of the British Empire Churchill made the enormous mistake of going back to gold above par, i.e. at pre-war parity despite there now being much more paper pounds than before the war. This naturally weakened the pound which then forced the WASP chairman of the FED, Benjamin Strong to print more dollars to increase the relative strength of the British pound.


The enormous dollar printing created an artificial boom that started the Swinging 20’s. Furthermore, the WASP money machine made it easy to take over economy and politics. Soon the American WASP stopped mass immigration and especially Jewish immigration to America. At the same time they also created quotas in the Ivy League to keep the Jews out. Many WASP intellectuals wrote books that supported white eugenics and warned about the Jews and the colored hordes. The WASP had finally achieved global capture and were now the Lords of the Universe.



Continued in part IV.



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