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14. Depressed 30’s

American economy was booming in the 20’s but the British economy was suffering from both the over-valued pound and strong labor unions. Benjamin Strong decided to help the British by another round of excessive money printing. In his hubris Strong was quite open about his intentions. In 1927 he promised to give coup de whisky for the stock exchange.


The most notorious episode of monetary ease, however, occurred in July and August 1927, when Strong, though alarmed by the American market’s speculative and inflationary tendencies, nonetheless forced through the Federal Reserve System a decrease in the discount rate from 4 to 3 percent. This move relieved the excessive pressures to which the initial level of American interest rates was subjecting the dangerously shaky pound. …

Indeed, according to Charles Rist, one of the French bankers who attended, Strong said that the American authorities would reduce discount rates as “un petit coup de whisky for the stock exchange.” [Note 12]


This coup de whiskey generated a new round of speculative frenzy but Strong was not too concerned. He believed that soon the WASP could start to gradually cool the economy in the manner that would not jeopardize their economic and political power. However, Strong suddenly died and the Jews saw an opening. There now started a dynastic battle over the control of the money machine between the Wasp and the Jews allied with the Rockefellers. This battle made it difficult to control the stock market which crashed in Black Tuesday 1929.


The stock market crash was turned into a Great Depression by the WASP president, Herbert Hoover’s determination to save WASP businesses with loans, subsidies and tariffs. The Jews and the Rockefellers realized that now they could push the WASP out of power by making an alliance. In this way they got Franklin Roosevelt elected president in 1932. Roosevelt immediately started taking over the economy with a New Deal which was also known as the Jew Deal. The Roosevelt administration even started a war against the Morgan trusts while leaving the Jewish and Rockefeller trusts in peace.


The WASP countered by threatening to organize a military coup. This threat is known as the Business Plot after it was revealed by Brigadier-General Smedley Butler. The central people in the plot were obviously Morgan men but the mass media and the courts did not dare to report the fact. The Jews had gotten really scared because in the early 1933 Hitler had risen to power in Germany. The Jews realized that it would be quite easy for the WASP to organize a fascist coup also in America. The Rockefellers also realized the danger and decided that it was best to keep peace in the ruling elite. The anti-trust cases were soon dismissed and the Roosevelt administration divided positions evenly among the three dynasties. Roosevelt had become a coalition president and was easily re-elected in 1936.


15. The Second World War







1. The picture in the article is perplexing because it mixes the photos in a random manner. The logical thing would have been to put the photos of Morgan, JD. Rockefeller and Jacob Schiff on the first row or at least put the Rockefeller brothers and their in-law and banker Stillman next to each other. Moreover, Jacob Schiff’s contacts with the Rothschilds are completely omitted. It might even be that the magazine purposefully implied that the Rockefellers were Rothschild fronts undermining WASP rule in America. The article might have given the Rockefellers even worse reputation among many Americans.]


1. Professor Quigley wrote only about the British WASP elite. Sutton, Allen and Griffin added the role of the Morgans and the Rockefellers but downplayed the role of the Rothschilds while Mullin emphasized their role. Mullins alone has been accused of anti-Semitism by the ADL.

2. Rothbard described the three leading American dynasties as being the Morgans, Rockefellers and Kuhn, Loeb banking house led by Jacob Schiff. However, in his book Rothbard never identifies the last house as being Jewish though he does note that they were allied with the Rothschilds who are obviously Jewish. See Marco de Wit. Murray Rothbard’s Study of the Ruling Elite. Part III. Jacob Schiff.

Rothbard wrote extensively about Jewish bankers but he hardly ever identified them as Jewish. One reason for this might have been that he himself was Jewish. Rothbard might also have feared for his professorial career in a liberal college and being labeled a ”self-hating Jew”.



Winston Churchill was the direct descendant of the first Duke of Marlborough. Winston’s father was the second son of John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough. Since John Churchill was not entitled to inherit the dukedom he was in financial trouble and married an American heiress Jennie Jerome who was rumored to be part Jewish. John Churchill was also allied in politics with Jews.

John Churchill died young but his oldest son Winston Churchill did not receive any significant inheritance and was therefore always short of money. However, he was also allied with Jews and in 1904 even opposed the government’s proposed Aliens Bill which would have curbed Jewish migration into Britain. However, Churhchill was first and foremost an imperialist who feared Germany’s rise. Therefore he supported British alliance with Russia. This explains why Churchill helped to push Britain on the side of Entente and why it was so important for him to save Russia by attacking the Ottoman Empire and open the straits with the Gallipoli Campaign.

After the failure of the Gallipoli Campaign he resigned from cabinet and probably was not directly involved in the Deal that required the toppling of the Czar. However, he probably did not protest much because he realised that getting USA into the war would quarantee Entente victory. But Churchill was appalled when the Jewish led Bolsheviks took over Russia and killed the Czar. Churchill was furious at the Jews but in famous article tried to make a distinction between ”good” Zionist Jews and ”bad” bolshevik Jews.

In the 20s Churchill went to the Conservative party and helped run the world together with the Morgans. This is why he returned Britain to the gold standard above par. The Morgans and their front man, the Fed chairman Benjain Strong tried to help the pound by weakening the dollar with dollar printing. This crated the 1929 Crash during which he lost his fortune but was saved from financial ruin by Jewish investors. This might explain Winston’s close alliance with the Jews in the 1930’s.


Note X. It is good to remember that even if David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild are patriarchs of their family this does not mean that they are dictators of their dynasties. One factor in their power is their age. David outlived all his four brothers and gradually became the undisputed leader of the dynasty. However, the situation with the Rothschilds is much more complicated because their have various powerful dynastic branches occasionally battle among themselves over seniority.

It is maybe not a coincidence that David Rockefeller had especially close relations with Jacob Rothschild. After all, Jacob  was half-Gentile, i.e. his mother was …. Jacob also married a Gentile, …. Dunn. Even more importantly, Jacob’s father, Victor Rothschild was most likely part of the Cambridge Five spying for the Soviet Union. Obviously he tried to help the Soviet Jews to keep power in the Soviet Union. Jacob therefore had an important role in improving not only the relations between American and Zionist ruling dynasties but also with the Soviet empire and the Wasp led British empire.



5. Even many libertarian economists and historians have covered-up how the American Revolution ended up greatly increasing taxes, regulations and cartels. The exception is Dr. Gary North. American Revolution Was A Mistake. and Murray Rothbard.


Conceived in Liberty. Vols. I-V. See especially part V. The New Republic.

Gary North is more radical in the sense that he believed that the whole Revolution was a mistake because it only increased state power. Passive resistance would have been a better alternative and ensured that America would really have become a land of liberty and thus a glorious example for the whole world.

Rothbard disagreed and believed that the Revolution was necessary but during the Revolutionary War the states should have become libertarian and their alliance a confederacy. However, Rothbard did not explain how to stop a violent revolution from becoming statist. Here again it might be relevant that Rothbard was a Jew. First, he might have realized that the passive resistance against Britain might have created liberty but it would not have ended the discrimination against the Jews. In fact, freedom might even have increased it. He also might have realized that without a confederacy it would have been impossible to stop many localities and even states from kicking Jews out.

Rothbard does not use the abbreviation ASA (Allied States of America). Instead, like all other historians he only speaks about the Articles of Confederation. This lack of abbreviation has made it more difficult to challenge the power of USA especially since the original Articles of Confederation are often confused with the later Civil War Confederation of the Southern states (CSA).



Note 7. There was also a strong liberal anti-imperialist strain in British thought. However, the Jews managed to help the imperialist strain to win. In this the Jews were probably helped by evolutionary psychology. After all, both the Jews and the Germanic people have always been famous for their hypocritical double standards. Both seem to have a natural, i.e. a genetic feeling of superiority coupled with genuine hypocrisy and even moral outrage when others point out their double standards.

This peculiar outrageous double standard can be also seen in the quintessential Germanic people, the Vikings who believed the world was theirs for the taking. The same attitude can also be found in the modern WASPish Woke Democrats who downplay and even support American imperialism because they see the WASPs as a force of good, i.e. democracy and tolerance. All that is needed is for the Woke WASP to force everybody to be ”good” and submit to the ”good” imperialism. This is basically the Viking attitude and thus probably genetic especially since it greatly increases group cohesion. It gives an evolutionary advantage in group competition which the relatively universalist and altruistic Germanic people would otherwise have lacked.



Note 12. Priscilla Roberts. Benjamin Strong, the Federal Reserve, and the Limits to Interwar American Nationalism. Part I: Intellectual Profile of a Central Banker. Economic Quarterly Volume 86/2 Spring 2000. The first note of the article states: ”This article is based on a paper presented as part of the seminar series at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.” Source to pdf:

Note also that after the quote Roberts continues: ”Strong pushed this reduction through the Federal Reserve System despite strong opposition not just from Miller, but also from James McDougal, the governor of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, who represented Midwestern bankers who generally did not share New York’s preoccupation with international financial markets. … Yet Frank Altschul, a leading partner in the New York branch of the multinational investment bank Lazard Freres, told Emile Moreau, the governor of the Bank of France, “that the reasons given by Mr. Strong as justification for the reduction in the discount rate are being taken seriously by no one, and that everyone in the United States is convinced that Mr. Strong wanted to aid Mr. Norman by supporting the pound.”

It seems probable that James McDougal from Chicago represented Rockefeller interests and Frank Altschul from the Jewish Lazard Freres represented the interests of the Jewish bankers.






X. There is an attempt to expand the micro- and minisummaries into a larger summary in the book The Rationalist Liberty Manifesto. The Parasite Theory of History.




—- —-



The decentralized nature of the Netherlands and its maritime trade helped create The Dutch Golden Age.

The Jews now had a strong ally and protector in protestant Britain so they did their best to support it financially. This was relatively easy since for hundreds of years the Jews had had almost a monopoly on banking. This gave them enormous power which they used to play off the Christian rulers against each other. But the Jewish bankers also realized the even greater power of fractional reserve banking. They had tried it in many countries but the Catholic Church always managed to stop it as a fraudulent banking system.


The Entente believed that the Americans would help them fight the war whereas the Germans believed that the entry of America into the war would


This is even more obvious in multinational democracies with competing religious denominations such as Britain and the USA.Furthermore, they allied themselves with the American WASP elite and helped create the House of Morgan in the 1800’s.

During the monarchical age this was obvious but even under democracies there are business and political dynasties who derive their power from their ethnic groups which they largely represent


Who rules the world? Are ZOG and World War III inevitable?
1. Racial groups – whites
2. Ethnic groups – Jews
3. Statism
– monopolies and cartels
– break the church
– support the Netherlands and England
1. Rahakone
2. Sääntelykaappaus
– kartellitalous
3. Valtiokaappaus
4. Maailmankaappaus
– eliitin kiristäminen
– kansan vaihtaminen




1. Monopolien ja kartellien suojelu

  • ostaminen liittolaiselta kansaa vastaan
  • rahakone

2. Hajoita ja hallitse

  • pelaamalla vastustajia toisiaan vastaan (viholliseni vihollinen on ystäväni)
  • vallankumouksilla


500 BC Diasporassa kauppiaita


400 BC Kartellien ostaminen


1694 Rahakartelli

– Puolan jako

– Amerikan vallankumous

– Ranskan vallankumous

– Napoleonin kukistaminen


1800 Valtioiden kilpailuttaminen

– Rothschilds and Windsors destroy opposition:

– Decembristien kapina


– Ottomaanien pelastaminen


First Opium War

– waspit ja Rothschildit alistavat Kiinan


– Hullu vuosi

– Venäjä pelastaa monarkit


– Krimin sota

– Venäjän saarto


Second Opium War


USA:n sisällissota

– waspit ja Rothschildit haluavat hajoittaa USA:n

– Venäjä pelastaa USA:n


Saksan yhdistyminen

  • Germaaninen frontti Venäjää vastaan


Rockefellereistä kolmas pyörä valtaeliittiin


Kuuban sota

  • waspit ja Rothschildit





  • waspit ja Rothschildit vs. Rockefellers and Germans



Rockefellers and Rothschilds vs. Morgans



Rockefellers vs. Rothschilds and Morgans



– wasps and Rothschilds



Morgans vs. Rothschilds



Japanin sota

  • wasps, Rothschilds and Rockefellers



Bosnian Crisis


– Ensimmäinen maailmansota

1916 Suuri diili


1918 Valtiokaappausyritys Unkarissa, Saksassa ja Venäjällä


1948 Oma valtio


2020 Valtiokaappaus USA:ssa koronalla ja vaalivilpillä


2023 Yksinapainen sionistinen globalism



This is likely related to the steep decline in the Jewish population
Census in 1926, there were about 567,000 Jews in the Russian Socialist Republic (out
of a total of nearly 2.6 million in the Soviet Union).115 The number of Jews in Russia
had declined only slightly by 1989, to about 537,00.116 By 2010, that number declined to
230,000 en route to an estimated 110,000 by 2050.117 The fall of the Soviet Union makes
the comparison even stronger. A Muscovite comparing the population of Jews in his
country (the U.S.S.R. before 1991 and the Russian Federation thereafter) between 1926
and 2010 would have seen a 91 percent drop. In other words, there are fewer than one
tenth the Jews in the relevant political entity to exploit for political gain.




While Putin appears to have very close relationships with many Jews and does not appear
to discriminate against Jews per se, it bears mentioning that the same cannot be said of his

in Russia has been lacking recently, Evgenia Albats believes the prevalence of siloviki, or
toward the Soviet-era anti-Semitic policies. This has been especially pronounced during
Putin’s third presidential term, and can be attributed to those in Putin’s inner circle who
don’t share his pro-Semitic tendencies.149 For example, Igor Sechin and Sergey Ivanov
……… are anti-semites …..
Jews to get into these governmental structures – the Kremlin, the administration, etc.
That would be because the most important decision-making sphere of the country are
the KGB and its successor, the FSB, but apparently having not bought into its pervasive



another example of subordinate bodies – particularly the FSB – acting against Putin’s
wishes, potentially embarrassing the president (though in retrospect this seems unlikely,
and it’s equally possible that Putin was intentionally portraying himself as the good tsar
surrounded by bad boyars).











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