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Marco de Wit 3 elokuun, 2020

  FB’s so called “fact checkers” have struck again, claiming that my report on the science that proves that wearing facemasks, especially in non-medical settings does almost nothing to prevent the spread of a virus, is false… citing that it was based on old information. Now, I’m reporting on a new study created in conjunction […]

Marco de Wit 1 elokuun, 2020

    Steve Sailer is a famous blogger who writes about human biodiversity. He is the most popular writer at de facto alt-right headquarters, In his article Jewish Privilege Sailer notes the enormous power of the Jews throughout history. However, then he writes this (emphasis added): There’s nothing terribly scandalous about this old news. […]

Marco de Wit 31 heinäkuun, 2020

        It Hits The Fan Cartman Joins Nambla Hell on Earth 2006 All About the Mormons Trapped In The Closet The China Problem Scott Tenorman Must Die Up the Down Steroid Woodland Critter Christmas and lastly With Apologies to Jesse Jackson    

Marco de Wit 29 heinäkuun, 2020

    Parina viime vuotena suvakkiaalto on mädättänyt myös Marvelin elokuvat.   Juutalaissota: DC:n Ihmenainen vs. Marvelin Kapteeni Marvel   Onneksi Marvel ehti tehdä useamman kymmentä elokuvaa, jotka olivat vielä suhteellisen uskollisia alkuperäisille sarjakuville.   Tässä videossa käydään läpi X-miehien elokuvat aikajärjestys Marvel universumissa.   Hui! Koko ryhmän nimi on patriarkaalinen!         […]

Marco de Wit 23 heinäkuun, 2020

  Paraphrased from Quora   PEACEFUL SOLUTION   1. The confederacy should have tried and gained recognition as a separate country by England or France before the war started.   2. Not taken the bait of attacking Fort Sumter. Lincoln needed the south to strike first so he could put down a rebellion. Lincoln’s opponents […]

Marco de Wit 22 heinäkuun, 2020

  There are only 6 steps needed to rule the world.   Create a private money machine The best and probably only way to rule the world is to have your own money machine. Then you can buy not only the opposition and the media but also the state itself, i.e. capture the state. This […]

Marco de Wit 21 heinäkuun, 2020

      GUIDES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS:  How to Use the Color Wheel to Assemble Superior Outfits: → 11 Bad Men’s Style “Rules” to Ignore: → The Oxford Shoes Guide: → Seersucker Guide: → Black Tie Guide: → White Tie Guide: → Top 7 Tailoring Tips for […]

Marco de Wit 19 heinäkuun, 2020

  Did the Germans get close enough to see the golden onion domes of Kremlin?     Read more:   TIK: Why Germany lost WWII even if Hitler had the right strategy   Censored David Irving – The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History   Miksi Hitler hävisi sodan?   Maailmanpääkaupunki Germania eloon TV-sarjassa Man […]

Marco de Wit 17 heinäkuun, 2020

  AR-15 for beginners. This covers the basics of the AR15 rifle components. If you’re not sure how an AR-15 works, start here with this beginners guide.            

Marco de Wit 13 heinäkuun, 2020

  One of the most important scientists of all time is soon online ready to answer any questions!   Coming up in an hour! — Counter-Currents (@NewRightAmerica) July 12, 2020   Read more:   Supertaboo: Dr. Edward Dutton interviews Kevin MacDonald

Marco de Wit 12 heinäkuun, 2020

    Saturday morning cartoons 2020 version. It will never end if you don’t stand up folks. — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) July 11, 2020    

Marco de Wit 11 heinäkuun, 2020

  Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials. Download his article on the topic at….                    

Marco de Wit 9 heinäkuun, 2020

  Filosofia on tieteiden kuningas, mutta historia on kuningatar.   Molemmat ovat välttämättömiä maailman ymmärtämiseen. Jos filosofian perusteet ovat virheellisiä, niin koko tiede on virheellinen. Näin onkin käynyt, kun rationalismin sijaan empirismi ja historismi/postmodernismi pääsivät valtaan.     Jos filosofian ja siten myös tieteen perusteet ovat vääriä, niin silloin myös historiankirjoitus on virheellistä. Näin onkin […]

Marco de Wit 9 heinäkuun, 2020

  If Robinson and Friday get along they can start mutual exchanges. For example, Robinson can offer bananas in exchange of Friday’s oranges or work in repairing Robinson’s house. This mutually agreed upon exchange is called barter. It can be studied by catallactics that studies the formation of exchange ratios. These are determined by the […]

Marco de Wit 8 heinäkuun, 2020

  Wikipedia: The Pareto distribution, named after the Italian civil engineer, economist, and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto[1], is a power-law probability distribution that is used in description of social, scientific, geophysical, actuarial, and many other types of observable phenomena. Originally applied to describing the distribution of wealth in a society, fitting the trend that a large portion of wealth is held by a small fraction of the population[2], the […]

Marco de Wit 4 heinäkuun, 2020

  Cos everything is all my fault Written and performed by Dominic Frisby. Please help me make more vids:… Music by anon Directed by anon Backing vocals anon Female droid played by anon (A lot people wanted to remain anon) Audio mixed by Wayne McIntyre              

Marco de Wit 1 heinäkuun, 2020

  It seems history has taken ten almost inevitable steps that led to the present global warfare-police state:   I. Genes competing for reproduction create humans II. Humans competing for reproduction create families and private property III.  Climate and continental diversity create human races IV. Topographic diversity create nations V. Conquests create a statist cycle […]

Marco de Wit 30 kesäkuun, 2020

    [Note for the Finnish Attorney General: Hofjudes and Zionists do not represent all Jews. Most of the books cited here are in fact written by Jews themselves. Nor does the Israel Lobby represent all Jews.]     There is only one general law of history: The law of biological reproduction.   Under conditions […]

Marco de Wit 30 kesäkuun, 2020

  Why were the Estonians such bad soldiers and why was the morale often so low? Only with the help of the Finns and other foreigners did they gain their freedom.   But even more importantly why did not the Finnish army attack Leningrad in November 1919? Surely it would have fallen.       […]