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Marco de Wit heinäkuu 19, 2019

  A person can become civilized only by understanding the basics of logic, mathematics, science, economics, politics, sociology and history.   There are many good school books on logic, mathematics and natural sciences.   The situation with economics, politics, sociology and history is very different. In fact, it is a socialist mess.   But now […]

Marco de Wit heinäkuu 18, 2019

  The chief editor of Laiton Lehti / Illegal Magazine was interviewed by Southern nationalists at the Rebel Yell.   The topic of discussion was supposed to be both Finland and paleolibertarianism but veered repeatedly to forbidden subjects like the Jewish involvement in multiculturalism.   Marco de Wit apologizes for any problems the interview might […]

Marco de Wit heinäkuu 8, 2019

  Historians are usually court historians, i.e. they serve the rulers.   No wonder the historians are very interested in critically studying the ruling elites of antiquity but not the modern ones.   But there are two exceptions: The Marxists and the Austrian school.   Unfortunately the Marxists concentrate on ”laws of history” and do […]

Marco de Wit heinäkuu 7, 2019

    Google is so leftist and censors so much of its search results that it is often called Goolag.     The idea is to refer to the gulag, Soviet forced labor camp-system for dissidents.       The nickname Goolag was made famous by James Damore who was fired from Google because of […]

Marco de Wit heinäkuu 6, 2019

  The facts are not complicated.   There are two powerful forces that determine the direction of history:   Fractional reserve banking and Zionism.   These two forces and groups do not always work together.   However, they both push for globalism and cultural Marxism.   They want to destroy the natural units of family, […]

Marco de Wit kesäkuu 19, 2019

  The Mother of All Demos is a name given retrospectively to Douglas Engelbart’s December 9, 1968, demonstration of experimental computer technologies that are now commonplace.   The live demonstration featured the introduction of the computer mouse, video conferencing, teleconferencing, hypertext, word processing, hypermedia, object addressing and dynamic file linking, bootstrapping, and a collaborative real-time […]

Marco de Wit kesäkuu 9, 2019

  Dr. Edward Dutton is so politically incorrect that even advertising him is dangerous.   In fact, Youtube already took down one video advertising him.     The interview had to be transferred to another channel.   Luckily it has not been censored by Youtube – at least not yet.     You can also […]