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Marco de Wit 21 maaliskuun, 2020

  There are many white women who get turned on by black men. They usually become single moms because while the black man can be very charming in the beginning eventually he looses interest in the woman.   Exactly the same process seems to be happening with Harry and mulatto Meghan.   Will Harry soon […]

Marco de Wit 12 maaliskuun, 2020

  Saturday Night Live on Amerikan suosituin komediaohjelma. Itse asiassa niin suosittu, että se uskaltaa välillä jopa murtaa tabuja. Tosin ei rotutabuja.     Tässä sketsissä naureskellaan valkoiselle alaluokalle, koska sehän ei ole rasistista. Vain mustalle alaluokalle naureskelu on rasistista.   Toisaalta tässä sketsissä kuitenkin myös naureskellaan joidenkin naisten taipumukselle tykätä rentuista.     Nykyään […]

Marco de Wit 4 maaliskuun, 2020

  Washington Post: On March 3, voters will head to the polls in 14 states holding primaries on Super Tuesday, potentially narrowing the Democratic presidential field. One-third of the pledged delegates for the party’s presidential nomination are up for grabs. The Washington Post’s Libby Casey hosts live coverage from Washington D.C., with news and analysis […]

Marco de Wit 18 helmikuun, 2020

  Everybody knows that Youtube promotes ignoramuses by giving them a huge audience. However, even more dangerous is the fact that at the same time Youtube actively discriminates against true experts.   This is because Youtube does not accept ”hate facts”. If you are really educated and an expert your channel will be deleted if […]

Marco de Wit 2 helmikuun, 2020

  Dragon’s Den:   Jude Camplin & Chrissie Shaw managed to enrage the Dragons whilst pitching their idea for a women’s construction business ’Eve’Olution Solutions’.   Jude got into an intense exchange of blows when her ”crusade” was battered by Dragons.   An international sensation, Dragon’s Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den […]

Marco de Wit 15 tammikuun, 2020

    Introduction Those who rule the world want to hide the fact by promoting schools of thought that not only make it more difficult to study the ruling elite but also make it easier to rule over us. This is why the ruling elite promotes the relativist paradigm (empirism and historism) in philosophy and […]

Marco de Wit 14 tammikuun, 2020

      In his Culture of Critique trilogy Kevin MacDonald shows how many Jewish intellectual movements tried to protect Jewish group cohesion and interests by undermining those ideas and values that protected White cultural and social cohesion.       According to Kevin MacDonald these Jewish intellectual movements include the Frankfurt School (philosophy, sociology), […]

Marco de Wit 11 tammikuun, 2020

  The Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline showed how Jeffrey Epstein and his madame Ghislaine Maxwell were running a pedophile ring in order to blackmail prominent politicians, scientist and businessmen for Israel.   The biggest mystery is not whether Epstein killed himself but why is police not interested in Ghislaine.   Luckily the British media is now trying […]

Marco de Wit 21 marraskuun, 2019

    The Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline shows in detail how Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were working for the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.       Despite the timeline many have also totally missed the big picture: Israeli intelligence agencies and especially Mossad seem to be running pedophile rings that blackmail western political, business and scientific […]

Marco de Wit 18 marraskuun, 2019

  Prince Andrew was recently interviewed by the BBC about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and their sex slave Virginia Roberts.   Amazingly, Andrew claimed she has no recollection of Virginia Roberts. This despite the fact that they were photographed together!   However, Andrew does have a very good recollection of […]

Marco de Wit 6 marraskuun, 2019

  For decades Mossad connected Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell run a pedophile ring for the ruling elite.     Many journalists tried to expose them but their stories were always spiked.     Only now we are finding out how and why.