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Marco de Wit marraskuu 29, 2020

  Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The Democrats cheated in all the places that were critical to them, ”crooked from top to bottom”.       CNN.🚨 Straightforward from here:▶️GOP controls state legislatures in key swing states▶️Legislatures convinced of fraud; send own/no electors▶️Biden deprived of 270▶️State delegations in House re-elect Trump 26-23 "So the outcome would be […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 28, 2020

  2:40 Disguising PO Boxes as Apartments 5:20 Possible Fraud Through Ballots 6:50 Tactics Repeated Across States 8:00 What Vote Fraud Data Shows Us 10:22 Discovered Fraud Could Flip States 15:21 Data Shows Election Still Contested 13:15 Data Represents Hard Evidence 13:58 Data Will be Used In Lawsuits 14:15 Questionable Methods for Recounts     […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 23, 2020

  00:00 Giuliani Alleges Dominion Director’s Ties to Antifa A man who claims he infiltrated a call between Antifa members, says he has signed an affidavit. Swearing under penalty of perjury, that he heard a Director of Dominion Voting Systems tell Antifa members in September that he’s made sure Trump won’t win the election. 04:04 […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 18, 2020

  The Wayne County Board of Canvassers deadlocked 2-2, with both Republican members refusing to certify the results after discrepancies were discovered in absentee ballot poll books. Similar problems were discovered in the county’s summer primary and the November 2016 election but did not impact the board’s vote then. Chairwoman Monica Palmer, a Republican, said […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 15, 2020

  Dr.SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U.S. Voting Systems.   Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the Inventor of Email, Scientist, Engineer, shares the results of his team’s mathematical analysis of four major counties votes in Michigan in the Trump-Biden election that reveals an unfortunate truth of U.S. voting systems. […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 12, 2020

  NTD Business News- 11/11/2020 1. Georgia Announces Full Hand Recount 2. PA Received 10K Ballots During Extension 3. PA County Accepts 2K Ballots Without Dates 4. Trump Campaign: PA Lawsuit Will ’Prevail’ 5. Michigan: More Voters Than are Eligible 6. Michigan Law Firm Files Election Suit 7. TX: $1M Reward For Voter Fraud Tipsters […]

Marco de Wit marraskuu 10, 2020

  Single guys: when choosing between a girl like this or a feminist, choose a girl like this. Signed, Every happily married man in the world — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) September 25, 2020  

Marco de Wit marraskuu 5, 2020

  Refreshingly honest.   “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive election fraud organization in the history of American politics” — El Chumpo aka El Grampi (@reaccionapr) November 4, 2020   Trump must not concede.  

Marco de Wit lokakuu 30, 2020

  Discourse politics: Are polls in 2020 election off as much as the 2016 with Trump? Is Nate Silver aggregating flawed polls again? More evidence that polls are broken and 2020 polls are wrong again.          

Marco de Wit lokakuu 29, 2020

  Massive brainwash operation accelerates.   It works because whites are wimps.   The more "awake" you become the angrier you get. — Michael Skiberg (@Ski_Berg) October 28, 2020    

Marco de Wit lokakuu 27, 2020

  Seventy million people tuned in to watch America’s first televised presidential debate in 1960. They were met with a well-prepared, well-dressed JFK who outshone his opponent, Richard Nixon.   From the Series: America In Color: The 1960s                

Marco de Wit lokakuu 25, 2020

  Support Freedom Toons!   This is absolute gold. Amazing work @Freedom_Toons 🔥🔥 — Bradley Brewer 🇺🇸 (@realBradBrewer) October 24, 2020      

Marco de Wit lokakuu 22, 2020

  RT: Activist group Project Veritas has released a video of an alleged Google employee telling them that the search engine is ‘playing God’ in the US election. A member of Project Veritas is heard discussing Google’s role in the current election with a man who they claim is Google Cloud Technical Program Manager Ritesh […]