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Marco de Wit marraskuu 6, 2019

  For decades Mossad connected Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell run a pedophile ring for the ruling elite.     Many journalists tried to expose them but their stories were always spiked.     Only now we are finding out how and why.              

Marco de Wit lokakuu 13, 2019

  Video introduction to this article. (If the video is deleted by Youtube you can find it also here in Bitchute.)         The introductory video and the article below is based on the Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline.         Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline showed in detail how Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell […]

Marco de Wit lokakuu 10, 2019

  The Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad Timeline was published in Illegal Magazine over month ago. Now it has also been published by the headquarters of Alternative Media,       The author of the timeline, Marco de Wit thanks Mr. Ron Unz for publishing the timeline.       ADDITION: Youtube took down the video […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 29, 2019

  This map is based on Epstein Pedo Scandal Mossad Timeline, which itself is just a part of the Ruling Elite Timeline.   Note that the timelines and maps are still a work in progress. Please contribute by commenting below or by sending additional info and links to [email protected]   Coming articles which will also be […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 27, 2019

  These new snippets of information regarding William Barr and Robert Mueller have been integrated into the Epstein Mossad -timeline. These snippets are offered to early readers so they do not have to read the whole timeline again.     1973 Epstein hired as a teacher at Dalton School despite being a drop-out. Epstein’s headmaster, […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 21, 2019

  This addition has been integrated to the Epstein timeline.     PALM BEACH HOUSE   1990 Epstein buys a Palm Beach mansion.     Mysteriously, Epstein buys the mansion and also another smaller house nearby from Lake Worth through a mysterious company, Laurel Inc.   The company’s official address is in Tampere, Finland.   […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 12, 2019

  Steve Sailer is one of the most famous conservative bloggers in alternative media.   Sailer is especially famous for noticing politically incorrect things. However, for some reason he does not seem to notice that Epstein is an obvious Mossad agent.              

Marco de Wit syyskuu 10, 2019

    This is an 10.9.2019 addition to the Epstein Pedo Scandal Mossad Timeline.     2000 With the support of Jeffrey Epstein the whole Maxwell family again had money and respect.       It was not only Ghislaine but also her sisters and brothers who were again at the top of the world. […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 9, 2019

    The very politically incorrect Epstein pedoscandal Mossad-timeline is getting more detailed every day.   Now there is also a video presentation of the timeline. Here is the second part.       ADDITION: This is the fourth video about Epstein Mossad Timeline that Youtube has deleted. Luckily one of the videos has been […]

Marco de Wit syyskuu 3, 2019

  The video goes through the first part of the Epstein pedo-scandal Mossad-timeline.   Already two Epstein videos have been taken down by Youtube so in this video the J-word (Jewish) is not mentioned.       ADDITION: This is the third video about Epstein Mossad Timeline that Youtube has deleted. Luckily one of the […]