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Marco de Wit 12 syyskuun, 2019

  Steve Sailer is one of the most famous conservative bloggers in alternative media.   Sailer is especially famous for noticing politically incorrect things. However, for some reason he does not seem to notice that Epstein is an obvious Mossad agent.              

Marco de Wit 10 syyskuun, 2019

    This is an 10.9.2019 addition to the Epstein Pedo Scandal Mossad Timeline.     2000 With the support of Jeffrey Epstein the whole Maxwell family again had money and respect.       It was not only Ghislaine but also her sisters and brothers who were again at the top of the world. […]

Marco de Wit 9 syyskuun, 2019

    The very politically incorrect Epstein pedoscandal Mossad-timeline is getting more detailed every day.   Now there is also a video presentation of the timeline. Here is the second part.       ADDITION: This is the fourth video about Epstein Mossad Timeline that Youtube has deleted. Luckily one of the videos has been […]

Marco de Wit 3 syyskuun, 2019

  The video goes through the first part of the Epstein pedo-scandal Mossad-timeline.   Already two Epstein videos have been taken down by Youtube so in this video the J-word (Jewish) is not mentioned.       ADDITION: This is the third video about Epstein Mossad Timeline that Youtube has deleted. Luckily one of the […]

Marco de Wit 14 elokuun, 2019

      ADDITIONS TO THE TIMELINE     The following timeline is a work in progress. All additions listed below have been integrated into the timeline; however those additions are noted here so those who read the material earlier are aware of revisions to the timeline. The author expects 1-2 additions to the timeline […]

Marco de Wit 3 elokuun, 2019


Marco de Wit 31 heinäkuun, 2019

    Amazon has banned professor Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique.       However, Dr. Edward Dutton is not afraid to speak about the Jewish Question.   Therefore many of Dutton’s videos and interviews have been censored one way or another.     Nowadays not only the term Jewish problem but also the […]