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Marco de Wit 24 huhtikuun, 2019

  Swedes were asked if they should take ”Refugees” into their homes, virtually all answered “YES!”.   But seconds later, when they are given the opportunity to take in an actual ”Refugee”….they are singing a different tune!   Swedish Virtue Signaling EXPOSED!   Swedes say refugees should be accepted into people’s homes.   When presented […]

Marco de Wit 18 huhtikuun, 2019

  Wikileaks. Since 2006 this site, with its charismatic founder, Julian Assange, has been exposing secrets and facts those in charge don’t want you to know about. It has humbled big corporations, brought down governments, and may have changed the course of the presidential election. Here is our Top 10 Wikileaks discoveries you need to […]

Tuukka Pensala 20 maaliskuun, 2019

  TIK notes that logistics doomed Barbarossa. However, he fails to note that Nazi semi-socialist price controlled economy doomed the logistics because it prevented the price system from allocating resources efficiently. This would not have been crucial if the greatest capitalist country, USA had not been supplying the Soviets. See also Antony Sutton.    

Marco de Wit 5 maaliskuun, 2019

  An Exlusive Interview of Tommy Robinson in Finland by Arto Luukkanen about migration, end British culture as we know it and the story behind Tommy Robinson and his fame and controversy when it comes to free speech and his imprisonment in 2018.   Tommy Robinson started to organize rallies when he was 21 against […]