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Marco de Wit 5 maaliskuun, 2019

  An Exlusive Interview of Tommy Robinson in Finland by Arto Luukkanen about migration, end British culture as we know it and the story behind Tommy Robinson and his fame and controversy when it comes to free speech and his imprisonment in 2018.   Tommy Robinson started to organize rallies when he was 21 against […]

Marco de Wit 27 helmikuun, 2019

  On Sunday 24.2.2019 at the invitation of the Swedish Populist party, the chairman of the Finnish Nation First -party (FNF), Marco de Wit spoke at the Yellow Vest-demonstration in Stockholm.   Antifa did not like that  at all.   Antifa uses a lot of time to oppose both the Populist Party and the FNF. […]

Marco de Wit 23 helmikuun, 2019

  For the 3rd year in a row Estonia’s largest nationalist youth movement Blue Awakening will be holding an international conference where various nationalist thinkers and politicians from Europe and the US will be present.   Balazs Szabo, Hungary 1:25:00   Tomas Skorupskis, Lithuania 2:15:00   Frodi Midjord, Sweden   Fedor Stomakhin, Estonia     […]